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Outreach and Engagement

Testimonials from some of the amazing individuals and companies we have worked with:

Working with Professor Brett Smith and the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences is a tremendous experience. Staff are enthusiastic and passionate. They bring incredible knowledge and research experience that has been indispensable for us and the communities of disabled people we support. Staff don’t just write or talk about tackling inequalities, promoting social justice, and using physical activity or sport to improve disabled people’s health.

Leanne Wightman
Head of Programmes and Impact, Disability Rights UK
The report [Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] and policy guidance has been an important reference point and guide for our work supporting national policy development of Commonwealth member governments. It has also been used as a resource for the training, capacity building and awareness raising that we conduct with countries to support identification of the specific SDGs that sport policy can contribute to.

Oliver Dudfield
Commonwealth Secretariat
Professor Summerbell’s research in child obesity preventions has been foundational to the development and delivery of evidence-based child obesity initiatives provided by Hunter New England Population Health... As such, her research is highly relevant to public health policy and practice and is having a considerable impact in Australia and abroad.

Luke Wolfenden
Hunter New England Population Health