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Student Art Prize 2023/24

This year’s theme is PARADISE

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of Durham's alumni, we are again offering a separate prize fund for photography this year. 

Visit the Student Art Prize 2023/24 exhibition in person at the Palatine Centre or visit the online exhibition.

The prize winners for 2023/24 are as follows:

The Richard Roberts Prize
Eva Ludlow 
On the Knees of a Woman (2024) 
Embroidery thread on cotton aida 

1st Place Photography
Lucy Skrine  
A Fruit Offering (2023) 
Photograph on paper  

2nd Place Photography
Stephen Spencer 
Echos of What’s Yet to Come (2023) 
Digital photograph    

3rd Place Photography
Korina Massicott 
A Cup of Mindfulness (2024) 
Photography on paper

1st Place Art
Hannah Ruth Andrews 
“This was Supposed to be Paradise’’ or Self-portrait of a Burnout (2023) 
Acrylic on Canvas 

2nd Place Art and People’s Vote Winner
Sophie Draper 
A Little Cat in a Little Box (2024)  
Coloured pencil and graphic marker on paper 

3rd Joint Place Art 
Serena Miambanzila 
The Myth of the Paradise (2024) 
Digital print on paper 

3rd Joint Place Art 
George Davies 
Dawn in Paradise (2024) 
Oil on linen 

Read the Student Art Prize 2023/24 exhibition guide.

Student Art Prize 'Art School'

Our ‘Art Prize Art School’ offers a programme of free artist workshops, talks, films and resources to inspire you to apply for the Student Art Prize. Although the University does teach practical art courses, the ‘Art Prize Art School’ has become a regular part of the University’s student art programme, supporting you to create new work, hone your artistic skills and support your mental well-being. 

A limited number of Art Packs, containing creative materials to get you started, are also available as part of the ‘Art Prize Art School’ programme. 

Find out more

Explore our Student Art Prize FAQs, find out how to apply, and discover our past prizes.

Student Art Prize FAQs

Get answers to your questions on the Student Art Prize, such as how to approach the theme, what mediums to use, and what the prerequisites are.

How to Apply

You can find out how to apply to the Student Art Prize, along with the guidelines and submission form you will need to read before submitting.
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Past Prizes

Our annual Student Art Prize was established in October 2019. Explore images, exhibitions, information and prize winners from previous year’s prizes.
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