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Internationalisation at Home

There are a number of ways to get internationally engaged while in Durham. These range from the Global Week to College and DSU societies.
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Durham is a global and inclusive university attracting a diverse student and staff community to study and work here. An international dimension cuts across all aspects of University activity, supported by our international partners to deliver cutting edge research and provide opportunities for students and staff to gain an international experience.


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Durham Global Week

Through the Global Week, the University recognises, celebrates and seeks to learn from Durham’s role as a global university. The Week runs numerous cultural, artistic and culinary events for students and staff to participate in and enjoy.

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There are a huge number of societies for students to engage with. These may be of use if you want to learn about a new culture, meet people, practice a language or find out about places that you may want to take a Global Opportunity.


Name Description

ESN Durham @ Durham SU

The Erasmus Student Network is the society for International Students- students helping exchange students make the best of their stay in Durham and connecting those interested in Global Opportunity with likeminded students.

African and Caribbean Society @ Durham SU

The Durham African and Caribbean Society (DACS) encourages all students to learn about, experience and celebrate the joys of African and Caribbean culture in a friendly and fun environment.
American Society @Durham SU The American Society strives to promote culture and build community for students studying away from their home country.
Anglo Japanese Society @Durham SU The Anglo-Japanese Society (AJS) aims to foster a greater understanding of the cultures of Japan and the UK whilst broadening the horizons of its members.
Arab Society @ Durham SU Arab culture is one of the worlds richest cultures and the aim of the Arab Society is to introduce as many students as possible to it.
Asian Investment @ Durham SU The Asian Investment Society (AIS) provides members with the necessary skills to pursue careers in the financial services, developing transferable research and reporting skills whilst building commercial awareness. 
Azerbaijan Society @ Durham SU Durham University students come together to support the advancement of Azerbaijani language and culture.
Baltic Society @ Durham SU The Baltic society represents the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. For any students of Baltic heritage as well as anyone interested in joining a fun social group, we hope to host different events and celebrate all things Baltic, while also raising awareness to the history of our former USSR nations. Our aim is to create a space where students can go to meet others and carry on our unique cultures! 
Bangla Society @ Durham SU The Durham University Bangla Society aims to represent the identity of Bangla students and the wider Bangla community. It also aims to unite interested people to explore our rich traditions and culture through events such as dinners and social gatherings, allowing us to showcase what it means to be Bangla and how proud we are of our heritage.
Brazilian Society @Durham SU The Durham University Brazilian Society is a student-led organization that aims to promote and celebrate Brazilian culture and heritage on campus, while also providing a home-away-from-home for Brazilian students in Durham. 
Canadian Society @ Durham SU Our society aims to create a community for Canadian Students at Durham University. We hope to facilitate a network of Canadian students to make the transition easier through multiple events and socials hosted throughout the year.
Chinese Society @ Durham SU Durham University Chinese Society is a non-political and student leading group established spontaneously by Chinese students at Durham University to introduce Chinese culture to all students at Durham University and to promote the cultural integration.
Chinese Studies @ Durham SU Durham University Chinese Studies Society aims to promote the study of Chinese as a foreign language, as well as wider foreign understanding of Chinese culture and history. 
Czech and Slovak Society @ Durham SU The Durham University Czech and Slovak Society aims to bring together people who are from either the Czech Republic or Slovakia or have an interest in the culture of these two countries.
Desi Society @ Durham SU This group is for all students who are interested in the Desi culture and enjoying Desi food, music and movies.
Durham UG Hong Kong Underground Society @ Durham SU Durham UG's primary objective is to foster inter-university collaboration and provide informal networking opportunities for Durham Hong Kong students. Additionally, Durham UG aims to promote Hong Kong's unique hip-hop culture by acting as a platform for students to experience it first-hand.
Filipino Society @ Durham SU

The Filipino Society aims to unite Filipinos and those interested in Filipino cultures alike.

French Society @ Durham SU The Durham French Society welcomes all Durham Francophiles, whether you’re from a French-speaking country, study the language or just have a passion for French culture! We are open to students from all subjects, whatever level of French you may have!
German Language & Cultures Society @ Durham SU The German Language and Cultures Society is a student group for anyone who is interested in German and Germanic cultures, including German students, those studying German, and German-enthusiasts!
German Society @ Durham SU The German Society is for all German speaking students and those interested in German Culture. We will host events such as Octoberfest Get-Togethers, Bar Crawls and a Christmas Party.
Hellenic Society @ Durham SU The Durham University Hellenic Society aims to bring together any student interested in celebrating and learning more about Greek culture.
Hindu Society @ Durham SU  
Hispanic @ Durham SU The Durham University Hispanic Society is a student group aimed at promoting Hispanic culture and language among Durham students
Hong Kong @ Durham SU Durham University Hong Kong Society (DUHKS) consists of a group of enthusiastic and innovative student leaders who is keen on promoting Hong Kong culture within and outside of the Durham community
Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society @ Durham SU Durham University Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (DUHKPASS) is a student-run, non-profit making organisation which strives to promote awareness in Hong Kong related social issues and acts as a platform for exchange of ideas on public issues of both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. 
Hungarian Society @ Durham SU The Durham University Hungarian Society aims to bring together Hungarian students and students interested in Hungarian culture by organising a diverse range of events throughout the year. 
Indian @ Durham SU The Durham Indian society offers an opportunity for students to meet and celebrate the colourful festivals and sacred traditions that surround our culture.
Indonesian Student Community (DISC) @ Durham SU Durham Indonesian Student Community (DISC), also known as Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Durham, has been formed since 2012. It is a society for all Indonesian students in Durham University.
Irish Society @ Durham SU Durham University Irish Society will be committed and devoted to all things related to those with Irish heritage, encompassing students from all of the island of Ireland.
Italian @ Durham SU Durham Italian Society intends to gather all those who appreciate Italian culture: Italians, Italian students, Italy lovers - everyone is welcome!
Japanese See: Anglo - Japanese society
Korean Soc @ Durham SU DUKS represents all things related to Korea and Koreans. Our goal is to bring out the best of Korean culture, media, and community; enhancing the university student experience for both Korean and non-Korean students.
Latin America Society @Durham SU Durham's Latin American society is a close knit community of students from Latin America and/or the Latin American diaspora who want to share & discuss our culture.
Malaysian @ Durham SU Durham University Malaysian Society (DUMAS) is a welcoming, tightly-knit student group which seeks to share Malaysia’s rich and multi-ethnic culture, warm hospitality and (most importantly) delicious Malaysian cuisine with all Durham students. 
Mexican Society @ Durham SU The Durham Mexican Society is a place to learn/share/celebrate our vibrant culture and traditions, gathering Mexican students and researchers within the University as well as international people who are passionate about Mexico.
Nordic Society @ Durham SU The Nordic Society is focused on promoting Nordic culture and traditions by celebrating different holidays and hosting various social events to enjoy Nordic food and drink whilst meeting other people from related backgrounds as well as other cultures.
Pakistan @ Durham SU

Pakistan Society offers an opportunity for students to get together and socialise as well as celebrate our rich and diverse culture. It is a platform to represent Pakistan to everyone interested, as well as for Pakistani students to feel at home away from home.

Polish @ Durham SU Durham University Polish Society aims to promote Polish culture across the university, create a strong sense of community in order to provide the members of the Society with a psychological and substantive support, remain in close contact with other Polish societies across the UK universities     
Romanian @ Durham SU DU Romanian Society is a meeting point for Romanians and for people who are fascinated by the country's culture.
Russian-speaking-society @ Durham SU The DURSS is a society full of social and cultural events that brings together Russian speaking students from wherever they come from. It is an inclusive society that welcomes all those interested, not only Russian language speakers. 
Singapore @ Durham SU The Durham University Singapore Society aims to be a platform for students from Singapore to feel a sense of home whilst their time abroad in Durham. The society also aims to spread the culture of Singapore to students within the university. 
Slovak See: Czech and Slovak Society
Study-abroad-society @ Durham SU

Are you interested in a year abroad? Are you going on a year abroad? Are you returning from a year abroad? The Study Abroad Society can assist all year groups with their journey abroad by:

•    Promoting the opportunities available
•    Providing workshops to streamline the application process
•    Connecting prospective and returning students, by location, with each other to create a college family like system 
•    Giving current students abroad easy access to support they may require 
•    Creating a welcoming community for returning students, with like-minded people, who share similar experiences and potential issues upon returning to Durham.

Taiwanese Society @ Durham SU Durham University Taiwanese Student Society (DUTSS) is a welcoming, tightly-knit student group that seeks to share Taiwan's rich and multi-ethnic culture, warm hospitality and (most importantly) delicious Taiwanese cuisine with all Durham students.
Thai @ Durham SU Durham University Thai Society (DUTHS) provides an opportunity for students of all nationalities to interact and make new friends. 
Turkish Society @DurhamSU Durham University Turkish society is a way to connect with Turkey without going to turkey. Whether you are a Turkish or someone who wants to discover the Turkish culture and traditions or simply want to connect with another Turkish we wholeheartedly welcome everyone!
Vietnamese@ Durham SU The Vietnamese Society welcome everyone with open arms and wish to create an authentic and inclusive community, providing a stronger network for past, present and future Vietnamese students. 
Welsh @ Durham SU Durham University Welsh Society celebrates and promotes everything Welsh. Open to all Welsh students and enthusiasts alike.
Yugo @ Durham Su  YugoSoc is for students from ex-yugoslavian countries and everyone interested in the Yugo Culture. Our main aim is to connect students and provide a space where you can experience our culture and languages.




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