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Middle East and North Africa

Partnerships with Middle East and North Africa

Partnerships with our Middle East and North Africa partners range from The EAMENA Project ,a partnership between the Universities of Durham, Leicester and Oxford where satellite imagery is used to record and monitor cultural heritage sites in the MENA region in response to a growing number of threats. In addition to research led by SGIA study on women and transport funded by ESRC GCRF in Abuja, Tunis and Cape Town, in collaboration with various local universities and local NGO's.
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Durham University has strong ties with the Middle East and North Africa, from research collaborations to University Partners across the region. We have a history of collaboration with the University of Qatar where an agreement between Qatar University’s College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) and Durham University was signed in 2016 which saw the initiation of a dual award PhD in Gulf Studies.

The School of Government and International Affairs SGIA is a research-intensive department with a depth of specialisms in regional expertise, covering multiple regions of the world such as such as Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and the wider Muslim world, Africa, and America.

Within SGIA, The Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies IMEIS, is Social Science-focused academic institute of excellence, research-led in ethos, with a track-record of internationally acclaimed research outputs across all sub-areas of its activity. IMES also has an extensive collection of MENA publications which can access profiles of over a dozen colleagues with MENA/Muslim world interests. 

This section highlights some of the collaborative research and activities with our partners in Middle East and North Africa region.


Collaborating for Impact

Explore a snapshot of our collaborative work with our partners in Middle East and North Africa

Classics researcher visits UAE with charity partner to improve understanding of oracy skills

An Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient History, recently visited Dubai to conduct research as part of her British Academy Innovation Fellowship.
Dr Arlene Henderson-Holmes and colleagues in Dubai

Landscape Archaeology in the Middle East

Through efforts to document and understand the landscape dimension of human activity in different regions, to the analysis of major trends at multi-regional scales.
Map of Homs, Syria illustrating contrasting locations of permanent settlements and walled enclosures

Examining the protests in Iran

SGIA is a research-intensive department and uses innovative teaching techniques to ensure it combines its latest world-leading research into the programmes it delivers.
A map showing the word Iran

Islamists and the State: The puzzle of enduring competition

Dr Rory McCarthy from our School of Government and International Affairs argues that religion still shapes politics even at a time of Islamist setbacks in North Africa.
Islamists and the State: The puzzle of enduring competition

Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA)

The EAMENA project records and monitors cultural heritage sites in response to a growing number of threats such as agricultural expansion, urban development, & conflict.

Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Projects

Access profiles of over a dozen colleagues with MENA/Muslim world interests as well as more information about SGIA research, outreach and consulting work.
SGIA building in autumn

Climate change might make winter bird migration a thing of the past

New research from our Bioscience Department has found that some species of trans-Saharan migratory birds are spending fewer days in their non-breeding grounds in Africa.

Comissioner for Racial Justice

Professor Mike Higton, from Department of Theology & Religion, has been appointed to the newly formed Archbishops’ Commission for Racial Justice in the Church of England
Poster saying it's a privilege to educate yourself against racism

How bursts of rain in pre-historic Arabia helped human migration

The project is carried out by a consortium of scientists from different institutions in Europe, and led by the Heritage Commission of the Saudi Ministry of Culture.
Archaeologists in the Nefud Desert in Saudi Arabia carrying out fieldwork



A group of students from different countries in discussion

Middle East and North African Students and Scholars

We welcome over 200 students a year from North Africa and the Middle East. For more information about applying as a prospectus student, please see the guidance below.

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University student
Following my graduation from Durham University I started working in Qatar Museums where I was based in their Education Department managing their educational projects. I then moved to Paris and have now returned to teaching. The academic and personal experience I acquired at Durham provided me with a great foundation and skill set to develop my leadership qualities and manage a business in the Education sector.

Maryam Hussain
BSc/BA: PGCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages, from Qatar
2022 Graduation

Alumni in Middle East and North Africa

We recognise the value of an engaged international alumni community and are establishing alumni ambassadors in key countries throughout Middle East and North Africa.

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City skyline of Amman, Jordan

Partner with us

We are always happy to hear from peer institutions in the Middle East and North Africa who re keen to collaborate in research and education.

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