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GO Study Abroad

At the heart of Durham’s global student outlook are our GO study abroad programmes. These range in length from summer schools to a full Year Abroad at a partner university. Through our partnerships and networks we also welcome hundreds of exchange students that give our campus and international flair. Students looking to come to Durham on an exchange, please visit the incoming exchange section.
Come to Durham: Incoming Exchange Students

At Durham students have a number of study abroad options. These are broadly split between full-year study abroad options and short-term summer placements. The sections below set out the options available, along with why you may wish to consider spending a period abroad.


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Global Opportunities Fair 2022

Find out more about your work, study and volunteering Global Opportunities at our virtual Global Opportunities Fair on 19/20 October.

Click here for the GO Fair website
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Short Opportunities

Many of Durham's global partners offer short summer schools or global citizenship programmes. Typically these last only one to two months and take place in summer. Find out whether there may be one to support your studies.

Find out more about short term options
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Full-year Options

From Berlin to Beijing study abroad allows you to spend part of your degree programme at an institution in a different country. You could spend a year studying at one of our European partner institutions through the European Exchange scheme or outside Europe with a Non-European Exchange partner.

Find out more about full-year options
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Turing Scheme Details

Durham University has been successful in boosting Global Opportunities for its students for the coming academic year. The University has been awarded a grant from the Turing Scheme, the UK government’s programme to study and work abroad.

Find out more about the Turing scheme

Who can go on a Global Opportunity?

All degree programmes allow for a student to do an exchange (including combined / joint honours).

Do I have to speak a foreign language?

You do not have to speak a foreign language to GO abroad. Short term summer schools are often taught in English. Almost all Non-European Exchange partners and many European Exchange universities teach in English. Some universities will teach in the language of that country and we list languages requirements for each university on the Where Can I Go? partner pages.

If you do want to learn or maintain a language at Durham, the Centre for Foreign Language Study offers the option to learn a language alongside your degree.

When can I go abroad?

Short: Generally summer schools and global citizenship programmes take place during the summer, with partners advertising places from January onwards.

Long: Typically full-year study abroad takes place in your third year, with a final fourth year in Durham thereafter. Applications for full-year places made in second year.

Can I do a work placement?

Durham offers a range of international work opportunities. Please visit our GO Work Abroad pages for more details.


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Did you know?

Durham has more than 45 exchange agreements with partners outside of Europe. From the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile to Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Find out about our worldwide partners here
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Get involved in Durham!

Meet international students by joining esn_durham - the Erasmus & Exchange Students society that is run by students to support European and Non-European Exchange students studying / preparing to study at Durham.

GO to esn_durham Instagram GO to @ESNDurham Facebook

Studying abroad may seem daunting, however, there is a range of support available. These include:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Languages courses with the Centre for Foreign Language Study
  • Pre- and in-placement support for widening access students and students with extra needs.

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