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Durham - Uppsala Strategic Partnership

University Main Building Photo by David Naylor

A fellow member of the Coimbra Group and Matariki Network, Uppsala University is one of Durham’s most important partners in Europe. Building on many years of successful student exchange and a precedent for research collaboration, a strategic partnership was established, with the objective of fostering deeper collaboration in all aspects of university life; Education, Research and Wider Student Experience.

Through this strategic partnership, both universities committed funds to a collaborative research programme to support joint projects with the potential to achieve international recognition and generate external research income. In 2019 and 2020 a total of 14 projects, across a range of disciplines such as climate change studies, geopolitics and medical humanities were selected. As of 2021, these collaborations have already started to bear fruit and generate impact, helping to enhance the reputation of Uppsala and Durham as individual universities and as a partnership.

Founded in 1477, Uppsala is Sweden’s oldest university and is, like Durham, a research-intensive, World top-100 institution that conducts outstanding cross-disciplinary, challenge-driven research across a range of fields to address global issues. Beyond research profiles, Durham and Uppsala share similar approaches to their respective College and ‘Nations’ student residential systems. In recent years, students from Durham’s Colleges have had the opportunity to engage with students in Uppsala’s ‘Nations’ through projects such as the Matariki Global Citizenship forum.