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Virtual Exchange

‘Virtual Exchange’, also known as 'COIL', is a type of education programme that uses technology to allow geographically-separated people to interact and communicate.
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Virtual connections with a hand

A virtual exchange (VE) typically lasts between 2 and 10 weeks and is based around a particular theme or project. VE programmes are delivered by trained educators who facilitate a combination of asynchronous and synchronous (real-time), online interactions between participants to support them meet the learning outcomes of the virtual exchange.

In a university context, VE enables students to exchange ideas and perspectives with international peers, helping them to develop interpersonal skills such as intercultural understanding, global citizenship and digital literacies, as well as making new friends in different countries and from diverse backgrounds. 




Virtual Exchange for Students and for Educators

Please click the boxes below to find out more about Virtual Exchange courses and training opportunities that are available to Durham University students and members of teaching staff.

Virtual Exchange for Students

Find out more about Virtual Exchange opportunities for students.
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Virtual Exchange for Educators

Find out more about Virtual Exchange opportunities for Educators.
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Latest Opportunity - Tübingen TÜ-VIP

Meet once a week with students from around the world to talk about pressing issues in real-time! TÜ-VIP is a 10-week online program offering courses on Sustainability, Politics, Intercultural Communication, German and other language courses, as well as classes on Identity, Culture, and Human Rights

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