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GO Study Abroad: Europe

With over 200+ exchange agreements, there is a wide range of European GO options. Many of these agreements are departmental specific. If you are interested in a non-European exchange, please visit our non-European page, by clicking on the yellow link below.
Find out about non-European study abroad.
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European exchanges are currently run through the Erasmus+ framework. Owing to Brexit, UK universities will be moving away from Erasmus+ in 2022/23. While placements will be recruited through with paperwork that contains the name Erasmus+, the placement itself may not be supported by Erasmus+.


  • Erasmus+ funding may be available in 2022/23 for some placements (including non-EU countries, such as Norway), however, it is not guaranteed and may have to be targeted at compulsory Year Abroad students.
  • “Switzerland does not participate in the Erasmus+ programme, but it runs its own parallel programme. The Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP) is similar to Erasmus+ in that it offers funding to students to study at a Swiss partner university for between 3 and 12 months.

    SEMP funding for students going to Switzerland is administered by the host university and not by Durham University.  There's no guarantee of funding so if are allocated a place at a Swiss partner university, you should contact your host institution to request full details about the SEMP grant, including how to apply, how much funding is available, and when it is paid.  If funds are limited, your host institution will determine who receives funding.”

  • The University will bid for Turing funding, however, the funding call for 2022/23 has not yet opened.


  • Agreements are largely subject specific – each department has links with specific universities. Places are ring-fenced for students from the ‘owning’ department. Combined / Joint Honours students can apply through any of their individual subjects;
  • 12 month maximum length of placement;
  • Apply to department in Michaelmas term of second year. Less competitive than Overseas Exchange – for 2019/20 around 90% of applicants were successful;
  • Some partners will teach in the host country language, but some will teach in English;
  • Students will have to meet Turing or Erasmus+ Grant Regulations to be eligible for funding.


  • Students may apply for institution-wide or specific department to department places


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Institution-wide agreements

We have a number of institution-wide agreements with European universities. These allow students to study most subjects. Please click on the banner to see the list of institution wide agreements.

Click here to see Durham's institution-wide links

Departmental Agreements

The majority of exchange agreements are at a departmental level. Please click on your relevant Department to find the agreements available to you.

Combined and Joint Honours students are able to choose from agreements within their subject area/s. Students are required to seek approval from all departments including the Combined Honours exchange coordinators.

Anthropology Archaeology Biosciences Business School
Chemistry Classics Compter Science Earth Sciences
Education Engineering English Studies Geography
Govt. & Int. Affairs History Law Mathematics
Modern Languages Music Physics Philosophy
Psychology Sociology Sports & Exercise Theology & Religion

Your Departmental Exchange Coordinator can provide further information and assitance about options available through your department.

Please be aware that if an institution is neither linked with your Durham department nor is not one of the institution-wide agreements, then you are not able to undertake a GO placement there. Not all partnerships are available for all levels of study. Some institutions have agreements with Durham departments for PG study only.

Research Exchanges

A number of our Erasmus+ partners allow for exchange at PGR level. It may be possible to undertake a research exchange at an institution not linked to your Durham department. You should use the links above to identify institutions that offer PGR exchange.


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