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Living in one of Durham's 17 colleges is more than just living in University housing. College life is a big part of what makes Durham so different to almost anywhere else. Many of our students say that the college system is one of the best aspects of university life. Ask Durham students about living and studying in Durham and they're sure to mention their college, even years after they've left!
Our Colleges
Durham Castle

NTNU incoming study abroad students are eligible for self-catered accommodation in one of Durham’s Colleges. If you would like to be considered for a place in one of our Colleges, please indicate on your application form. Please note self-catered accommodation is not free. For further information on Colleges and residence charges please visit: 


Photograph of the interior of the Norman Chapel at Durham Castle, lit at night by candle-effect lights.

Did you know?

Parts of our oldest College date back to 1072, making it possibly the oldest used University building in the world!

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