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Founded in 1985, the Coimbra Group (CG) is the oldest European universities association, comprising 40 long-standing, comprehensive universities of high, international standard from 22 European countries.

With a secretariat in Brussels, the Coimbra Group has close ties with the European Commission and acts as a lobbying force on policy matters related to European higher education and research. Through a series of thematic working groups related to research, education and outreach, Durham can participate in benchmarking activities, collaborate on research projects, contribute to Coimbra Group publications and policy documents and network with counterparts at Coimbra Group member universities. Student activity coordinated by the network includes a Student Exchange Network run by the Academic Exchange and Mobility working group, and an annual Three Minute Thesis Competition.

Professor Daniel Donoghue is a member of the Coimbra Group Executive Board. Durham is represented and actively participates in the following Coimbra Group Working Groups:

Working Group


Durham Representative

Research Support Officers


Dr Anna Brown

Senior International Research Development Manager (RIS)

Social Science and Humanities


Professor Janet Stewart

Executive Dean (Arts and Humanities)

Education Innovation


Professor Tony Fawcett

Acting PVC (Education)


Professor Sam Nolan - Durham University

Deputy Director (Academic Excellence)

Academic Exchange and Mobility


Simon Litchfield

Exchanges and Study Abroad Manager

Doctoral Studies


Peter Whitton

Senior Academic Development Manager (DCAD)



Simon Brandwood

Director of Careers and Enterprise

Development Cooperation


Professor Charlotte Clarke

Executive Dean (Social Sciences & Health)

Equality and Outreach


Dr Shaid Mahmood




Mr Stuart Hunt,

Director of University Library and Collection

Latin America


Professor Stefano Cracolici

Modern Languages and Culture

Durham Coimbra Group Coordinator


Peter Bainbridge, International Partnerships Manager


Durham’s Engagement

Durham’s membership brings mutual benefits in terms of increased reputation in Europe, research collaboration, influence over European policy-making, staff and student exchanges between members and intelligence on funding opportunities. Click here for recent examples of Durham’s engagement with Coimbra Group events and initiatives.

For further information, please contact Durham’s Coimbra Group coordinator, Peter Bainbridge: