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26 January 2024 - 26 January 2024

12:00PM - 1:30PM

Pennington Room, Grey College

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The Biophysics of Mesoscale, Reversible, Biomolecular Liquid Assemblies, Prof. Mark Leake, University of York

BSI Lunchtime Seminar

The Biophysics of Mesoscale, Reversible, Biomolecular Liquid Assemblies

Prof. Mark Leake, University of York

12 -1.30 pm, 26 January 2024

Pennington Room, Grey College



Biomolecular liquid droplets are ubiquitous in crucial cell processes, but the physical rules underpinning their formation are different from conventional “abiotic” phase separation and remain to be determined. In this talk, I will discuss some of my team’s findings about the biophysics of mesoscale bio-liquid droplets using a model bacterial system1, through an integrated interdisciplinary programme of research involving innovative bottom-up and top-down biophysical experimentation and theoretical modelling.

1. Jin et al. Membraneless organelles formed by liquid-liquid phase separation increase bacterial fitness. Sci Adv. 2021. 



All are welcome: whether you are already part of the BSI community or have never been involved before, please feel free to take part. 

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About the Event

Join us for our first Lunchtime Seminar of 2024 on the 26 January. These events bring together invited external speakers and members of our community to share their research and stimulate discussion. They are a great way to make connections and to discover new areas of interdisciplinary biosciences research.