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From Disease Diagnosis to Bioinspired materials

A Special Symposium to Celebrate the Research of Professor Roy Quinlan

This special symposium marks the retirement of Professor Roy Quinlan. The symposium is organised by his colleagues to celebrate his research and contributions to the research community.
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A Stained Cell

16-17 May 2023, Confluence Centre, Durham University.

Hosted by the Biophysical Sciences Institute this meeting is in the spirit of Roy’s substantial contribution to collaborative research at Durham. The sessions are explicitly designed to initiate and strengthen new research collaborations, particularly among early career researchers.

Confirmed speakers:

The meeting will include technical sessions on: 

  • Cytoskeletal Organisation and Mechanics
  • Protein Self Assembly and Biomaterials
  • Applications of Biophysics Research to Disease and Diagnostics 

It will also include a panel discussion on:

  • Future Challenges for Biophysicists in Addressing Problems in Human Health and Disease



The meeting will run over two days, 16–17th May 2023

16 May

12.00 Registration

12.30 Session One - Cytoskeleton

14.45 Afternoon Refreshments

15.30 Session Two - Protein Structure and Assembly

17.15 Close 


17 May

09.30 Session Three - Cytoskeleton, membranes and Disease

11.30 Morning Refreshments

12.00 Drawing it all together - Future Horizons in Biophysics - fusing biology and physics/ Closing remarks

13.00 Lunch and discussions

14.00 Close