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Peptoid Symposium Series 


cartoon image of peptoid molecules

The Durham Biophysical Sciences Institute is very pleased to be hosting the Online Peptoid Symposium Series. Organised by an international committee of peptoid researchers, this is a free, online series of bimonthly symposia. 

The aim is to sustain and grow the international community interested in peptoids and related research. Symposia will feature keynote talks from the leaders in the field, as well as a mix of shorter invited talks and flash presentations from ECRs. 

Please contact if you need help with registration. 

Abstract Submission: Please use the link below to submit a <200 word abstract for consideration for a flash presentation at the June Peptoid Symposium: 


Next Event: 7 June 2021

(PDT 0800 / EDT 1100 / BST 1600 / CEST 1700)

This symposium will feature keynote talks as well as flash presentations. These will include:

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Past Events

7 April 2021

  • Claude Taillefumier (Chemistry Institute of Clermont-Ferrand): "Aliphatic monomers as building blocks to control peptoid conformation and structure"
  • Vincent Voelz (Temple University): “Using molecular simulation to understand the role of preorganization in peptoid macrocycle and cyclic peptide binding”
  • Pritam Ghosh (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology): “Chelation of metal ions from natural protein domain by water soluble peptoid”
  • Ethan Weisberg / James Eastwood (Packer Collegiate Institute / New York University): “The New Peptoid Data Bank”

25 February 2021: Recording link [passcode: N$1myAG6]

  • Galia Maayan (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology): "Peptoids as Versatile, Efficient and Selective Bio-Inspired Catalysts"
  • Jumpei Morimoto (The University of Tokyo): "Oligo(N-substituted alanine) as a peptoid with a defined shape in water"
  • Zach Clauss (University of Utah) “A new method for high molecular weight polypeptoids”
  • Abshar Hasan (Univ. of Strathclyde / Univ. of Nottingham): “Chain-End Modifications for Enhanced Antibacterial Activity on Surfaces & in Solution”
  • Matthew Hurley (Temple University): "Metal Cation-Binding Mechanisms of Q-Proline Peptoid Macrocycles in Solution”

27 October 2020: Recording link [passcode: %Mvk21KO]

  • Ronald Zuckermann (LBNL): “State of the peptoid research community” + “Folding Beyond Proteins”
  • Kevin Bicker (Middle Tennessee State Univ.): “Discovery and development of antifungal peptoids”
  • Yen Jea Lee (Gwangju Inst. Sci. Tech.): “Peptoid-conjugated magnetic field-sensitive exciplex system at high and low solvent polarities”
  • Logan Morton (UT Austin): “Peptoid Crosslinked Hydrogels: A Biomimetic, Synthetic Cell Culture Platform with Sequence-Defined Properties”

15 December 2020: Recording link [passcode: Pdrc3z$^]

  • Prof. Annelise Barron (Stanford University): “Potent antiviral activity against HSV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 by antimicrobial peptoids”
  • Prof. Donghui Zhang (Louisiana State University): “Solution self-assembly of polypeptoid block copolymers into 1D, 2D and 3D nanostructures”
  • Jinyoung Oh (Gwangju Inst. Sci. Tech.): “Formation of a tris(catecholato) iron(III) complex with a nature-inspired cyclic peptoid ligand”
  • Sally Jiao (University of California, Santa Barbara): "Quantifying polypeptoid conformational landscapes through integrated experiment and simulation”
  • Mingfei Zhao (University of Chicago): “Computational and Experimental Identifications of Hierarchical Peptoid Self-Assembly Pathways”