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Professor Paul D. Murray 

Founding Dean and Director of the CCS (on sabbatical) and Professor of Systematic Theology 

Reason, Truth and Theology in Pragmatist Perspective 

Receptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning: 
Exploring a Way for Contemporary Ecumenism 

A Movement for Renewal in Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology 


Professor Karen Kilby 

Director of the CCS and Bede Professor of Catholic Theology 

Balthasar: A (Very) Critical Introduction 

Karl Rahner: A Brief Introduction 

Karl Rahner: Theology and Philosophy 

Suffering and the Christian Life 

God, Evil and the Limits of Theology 


Dr Marcus Pound 

Associate Professor of Catholic Studies 

Theology after Lacan: 
The Passion for the Real 

Theology, Psychoanalysis and Trauma 

Zizek: A (Very) Critical Introduction 

Theology, Comedy, Politics 


Dr Anna Rowlands 

St Hilda Associate Professor of Catholic Social Thought & Practice 

T & T Clark Reader in Political Theology 


Dr Rik Van Nieuwenhove 
Associate Professor of Medieval Thought 

An Introduction to Medieval Theology 

An Introduction to the Trinity 

The Theology of Thomas Aquinas 

CCS Research Fellows 


Dr James Kelly 

Sweeting Fellow in the History of Catholicism 

Early Modern English Catholicism: 
Identity, Memory and Counter-Reformation 

The English Convents in Exile, 1600–1800: Communities, Culture and Identity 

Treasures of Ushaw College: Durham’s Hidden Gem 

Jesuit Intellectual and Physical Exchange Between England and Mainland Europe, c.1580–1789: "The World is Our House"? 

English Convents in Catholic Europe, c.1600-1800 


Dr Elizabeth Powell 

La Retraite Fellow in Theology and Spirituality 

David Jones and the Craft of Theology: Becoming Beauty 


Dr Gregory A. Ryan 

Assistant Professor (Research) of Ecclesiology and Receptive Ecumenism 

Hermeneutics of Doctrine in a Learning Church: The Dynamics of Receptive Integrity 


Professor Lewis Ayres 

Professor of Catholic and Historical Theology 

Augustine and the Trinity 

Nicaea and its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology 

The Oxford Handbook of Catholic Theology 


Dr Krastu Banev 

Assistant Professor of Theology 

Theophilus of Alexandria and the First Origenist Controversy: 
Rhetoric and Power 


Professor Chris Cook 

Director of the Project for Spirituality, Theology and Health 

Alcohol, Addiction and Christian Ethics 

Hearing Voices, Demonic and Divine: Scientific and Theological Perspectives  

Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice 

Spirituality and Psychiatry 

Spirituality, Theology, and Mental Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 


Professor Stefano Cracolici 

Director of the Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art 

Arte en la iglesia de San Ignacio 


Professor Giles Gasper 

Professor of High Medieval History 

Anselm of Canterbury and His Theological Inheritance  

Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200: Practice, Morality and Thought 

Saint Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy 


Professor Mathew Guest 

Professor of the Sociology of Religion 

Death, Life and Laughter: Essays on Religion in Honour of Douglas Davies 


Professor Chris Insole 

Professor of Theological Ethics 

Kant and the Creation of Freedom: A Theological Problem 

The Intolerable God: Kant's Theological Journey 

The Politics of Human Frailty: A Theological Defense of Political Liberalism 

Kant and the Divine: From Contemplation to the Moral Law 


Professor Gerard Loughlin 

Professor of Christian Theology 

Alien Sex: The Body and Desire in Cinema and Theology 

Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body 

Sex These Days: Essays on Theology, Sexuality and Society 

Telling God's Story: Bible, Church and Narrative Theology 


Professor Simon Oliver 

Van Mildert Professor of Divinity 

Creation: A Guide for the Perplexed 


Professor Nicole Reinhardt 

Professor of Early Modern European History 

Voices of Conscience: Royal Confessors and Political Counsel in Seventeenth-Century Spain and France 


Professor Michael Snape 

Michael Ramsey Canon Professor of Anglican Studies 

God and Uncle Sam: Religion and America's Armed Forces in World War II