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Student Enrichment

Our student experience is at the heart of all we do, and we encourage students to get involved. 

Our Stephenson Connections Programme offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities to students which align closely with the Durham Inspired Award. Additionally the activities offered by Connections seek to enhance and develop a student's intellectual curiosity and personal effectiveness through the facilitation of student-led activities, the provision of a series of inspirational talks, seminars and debates, and skills-based activities such as networking sessions, employability initiatives and our work with the local community.  

The programme is based around three themes of Ideas, Skills and Careers. 

  • Stephenson Ideas – we offer a series of inspirational talks covering a wide range of topics relevant to the modern world and the unique challenges we face. 
  • Innovation Hub – we seek to develop a culture of innovation, connecting with industry, business, government as well as our academics.  Helping to nurture student entrepreneurship is one of our key aims. 
  • Mentoring – we provide a named College Mentor to help you settle into University life and to encourage you to get involved in clubs, societies and work experience, opportunities that will allow you to develop vital life and employability skills.  
  • Leadership Training – we give you opportunities to develop leadership skills relevant to your current role and future careers.  
  • Internships – we help secure opportunities for internships in a range of industries. 
  • Careers Advice – we offer guidance and support with career choices, including CV writing workshops. 
  • Networking – we provide opportunities to develop networking skills, through hosting and managing events. 


Exploring new ideas 

Our Connections Programme will help you explore new ideas and gain a broader understanding of key global challenges and opportunities. 


Developing new skills 

Connections will help you develop a range of new professional and academic skills needed for the 21st Century.  These include interpersonal and teamwork skills and networking, leadership, and problem-solving skills. 


Preparing for the future 

Connections will help prepare you for your future career, providing guidance and advice as well as opportunities to develop communication and presentational skills.