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Students gathered together at Stephenson College Winter Ball


Even though we’re a self-catered college, Stephenson loves dining together as a community. 

We are the only college that has semi-formal dinners called ‘Locomotion Dinners’.  We have a guest speaker to give a short talk which promotes discussion and debate over dinner.  These relaxed events give us an opportunity to get together on alternate weeks in an informal but intimate setting.   

Formal Dinners are larger, grander events which take place several times a term with and are followed by fabulous live music sets in Stephenson Central. 

All our dinner evenings really reflect our diversity.  Whether it’s a themed dinner night such as Burns Night, or a festival such as Diwali, they are crammed with celebration and energy and showcase the talents of our community through live music and theatre performances.  

 We also have special events, like the Winter and Summer Balls, usually at a local venue.  They consist of a formal meal followed by live music and DJs and other entertainment late into the night.  Our Handover Dinner is an end-of-year event where we come together to recognise the successes and contributions of our student community.   


College Days 

The year would not be complete without "Stevo Day", a post exam, fun packed day for the whole College community to de-stress and enjoy a college fair and festival. Many of our College clubs and societies such as Cheerleading society, Music Society and the Rocket Theatre Company provide performances throughout the day to celebrate another fantastic year at Stephenson.   



Our Musical Showcases and Open Mic Nights are some of the most popular events across the term and bring the whole College together.  Anyone is welcome to sing, play or make us laugh. They’re the perfect opportunity to share your talents with the support of the Stevo community.    

The College Music Society regularly collaborates with the JCR and other societies, such as supporting theatre productions. 



Stephenson’s very own Rocket Theatre Company hosts a range of performances throughout the year. Productions may be student written or student produced plays, or a reworking of classics, such as an adaptation of A Christmas Carol.   

Our students often perform short original sketches at College events such as dinners, or during the College Day celebrations.  

The Rocket Theatre Company hosts an annual Inter-collegiate Showcase, where six College Theatre Companies perform to battle it out to be awarded the ‘Locomotion Cup’. The Rocket Theatre Company is not only for our budding performers, but is also supported by our Music Society and those interested in production and with an artistic and creative approach on costumes and the set.  



As a member of Stephenson you are part of something much bigger; a community, a home from home, where you belong.  

Our students organise lots of different social events across the academic year, opportunities to get together, meet new people and have fun.  The JCR and MCR have roles dedicated to organising a range of events in College, but anyone can get involved and organise events with the support of the Common Rooms.  

Regular events such as the weekly quiz night, movie nights or open mic nights are a great way to meet with friends. There’s a whole range of events across the year from silent discos and fashion shows to College Balls and Stevo Day. There’s something for everyone at Stephenson.  


Sports and Societies   


Sports is one of the great unifiers at Stephenson, bringing people together with shared interests and developing leadership, teamwork and friendship. 

One of the great things about College sport is that there is a place for everyone, with many sports having an A team, B team and so on. Students have the opportunity to play competitively in inter-collegiate leagues or just for fitness and fun. 

Sport is one of the great unifiers at Stephenson and really brings people together. There are many sports teams ranging from rugby to rowing, cheerleading to lacrosse. College sport is an opportunity to get involved, meet other people and try something new. Many sports have an A team, B team and so on so students have the opportunity to play competitively in inter-collegiate leagues or just for fitness and fun.  The best thing is that there’s a place for everyone.   


Stephenson has around 20 societies and that number is still growing! From the Rocket Theatre Company to Debating Society, to the Music Society and FemSoc, there is a way to pursue your interests and hobbies. All the societies are a great way to get involved in College and pursue your hobbies and interests outside your academic studies.  It also gives you some amazing opportunities to lead on organising events, hosting speakers and creating unforgettable experiences for other students. And if you think we’re missing something, we’ll help you set it up. 

Some of the current societies that you can get involved in include: 

  • Rocket Theatre Company
  • Debating Society
  • Music Society 
  • Central Fashion Show
  • Politics Society
  • FemSoc 
  • Bake Off Society
  • Dodgeball 

The range of societies grow year on year, so if you have interests that aren't represented then it's really easy to set up a new society with the help of the JCR.