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Junior Common Room (JCR)

The Junior Common Room or JCR is the collective body of undergraduate students at Stephenson College.

Put simply it is an organisation that encompasses all of the non-academic aspects of university life. We organise various social and educational events for undergraduate students of Stephenson College alongside coordinating college sports and societies. We also run student led welfare support through our welfare team.

The JCR’s mission is to make sure that your university life does not just consist of studying for a degree but encompassing a wider student experience! The JCR is organised by your President, the Executive Committee and the Non-Executive Committee, all of whom have been democratically elected by the students! Although they help maintain it, the JCR is ultimately shaped by the entire student body. 

Students can be involved in many different ways, from being the captain of a sports team or the president of a society, to helping run one of our famous college balls or helping run Fresher’s week as a Fresher’s Representative. Your involvement, however small, really does make a huge difference! It is the community that makes the JCR really special and no one person is more important than another, we aim to provide equal opportunities to all, but ultimately the most amazing university experience.

Please visit the Stephenson JCR website at for more information.