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Research and Scholarly Activity

Stephenson College is an exciting multidisciplinary learning community. Whilst undergraduate and postgraduate students receive formal degree teaching in their academic departments, there are plenty of formal and informal learning opportunities within the College, supported by our connections with learned institutions, research fellows and wider research networks. Stephenson College provides every member with the chance to see, hear and learn from incredible speakers, to ask questions and think about answers. The aim is to create a vibrant atmosphere for intellectual debate on major issues. 

The Stephenson Ideas talk series is devoted to bringing high-profile speakers to Durham who can contribute to academic and public discussion on issues of global significance. Each talk aims to inspire, challenge and develop the intellectual curiosity of our students. The talk series features motivational and inspiring speakers with a story to tell, sometimes academic in nature, sometimes not, but always providing an opportunity to discuss innovative and engaging topics. 

We also host Visiting Fellows from a broad range of academic disciplines through the Institute of Advanced Study. Each researcher has made an outstanding contribution over a sustained period of time in their research field. 

Our Middle Common Room runs MCR Seminars throughout the academic year, providing a supportive space for Masters and PhD students to share their research and practice their presentation skills. 

In 2022, Stephenson College held its inaugural Astonish the World Conference, covering a wide range of topics and approaches to the concept of astounding the world through the exploration of different fields of research.