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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

The Department of Anthropology is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all areas of our teaching and research.  We seek to promote equality of opportunity for all our students and staff, to promote diversity in our community, to provide an inclusive environment and to eliminate any form of harassment or discrimination.  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

In 2021 the Department of Anthropology developed and agreed an EDI Action Plan, which complements work done at Faculty and University level, including the University’s Respect Commission.  Our goals focus on promoting EDI within our Department Community and in our Learning and Teaching and Research. We are implementing the actions outlined in the plan and will continue to monitor our progress. 

Decolonising the Curriculum

In 2020 the Department agreed a Statement on Decolonising Anthropology. Our work on Decolonising the Curriculum is led by a working group chaired by Jordan Mullard. From October 2021 we will be teaching a Decolonising Anthropology module for our third years to encourage critical reflection on the legacies of colonialism for the practices and theories of different sub-disciplines of Anthropology and to co-produce practical strategies for decolonising Anthropology.  Dr Jordan Mullard and Prof Nayanika Mookherjee are prominent in the university’s BAME Network.

First Generation Scholars

'First Generation Scholars' is the phrase we use to describe students for whom the customs, language and culture of Durham University are alien, often because their family background does not include experience of higher education. We are proud of our First Generation Scholars Network, the first to be established at Durham University. Our Network is chaired by first generation scholar PhD students and works to provide a network for all first generation scholars in the department, and to improve the experiences and promote the success of first generation scholars in anthropology.

Athena Swan and Gender Equality

Athena Swan Bronze LogoThe Department was awarded a Bronze Athena Swan award in 2020 in recognition of our work to promote gender equality. Unusually in the UK. We have approximately equal numbers of staff identifying as male and female and we have a high proportion of women promoted to professorial level (65%). We are also proud of the energy and commitment of our staff in working at the university level to promote equality via the Network for Mothers (led by Dr Fire Kovarovic) and the University’s Women’s Network (led by Prof Jane Macnaughton). 

Our current Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team is led by Prof Tessa Pollard. Read our successful Athena Swan application. Our current Athena Swan work is based on our Department EDI Action Plan.

EDI Committee

Our EDI Committee meets once a term.  Please contact any member of the committee for further information or to raise concerns.

Chair Professor Tessa Pollard
Professional Support Staff (Secretary) Janet Cummings
Head of Department and First Generation Scholar Network  Prof Kate Hampshire
Departmental Manager Dr Rachel Dickins 
Director of Education Dr Tom Widger
Director of Research Prof. Yulia Egorova
Director of Admissions  Dr Sally Street
First Generation Scholar Committee  Catherine Marley 
Teaching Staff and Admissions  Dr Trudi Buck 
Director of Undergraduate Studies and MAMS Network  Dr Fire Kovarovic 
BAME Network and Chair of Decolonising the Curriculum Working Group  Dr Jordan Mullard 
Assistant Professor Dr Jed Stevenson
Postdoctoral Staff Akansha Singh 
Undergraduate representatives Brianna Baptiste
  Laura Carr
  Harriet Bagshawe
Postgraduate representative Jeremiah Thoronka

Read about University-wide diversity initiatives led by Anthropology staff.