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Research Centres and Institutes

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research (BEER) Centre

The Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research Centre draws together a critical mass of leading researchers and integrates a diverse set of methodological expertise and disciplinary perspectives to enhance research and collaboration at the cutting edge of behaviour, ecology and evolution.


Durham Cultural Evolution Reseach Centre (DCERC)

The Durham Cultural Evolution Research Centre serves as the focal point for cultural evolution and gene-culture coevolution research at Durham University. The centre has a cross-disciplinary membership, including the fields of anthropology, archaeology, biological sciences, business, education, mathematics and psychology.


Centre for Social Justice and Community Action

Summary: The Centre for Social Justice and Community Action is a research centre based at Durham University, made up of academic researchers from a number of departments and disciplines and people from community, voluntary and other organisations. The Centre promotes and develops research, teaching, public/community engagement and staff development (both within and outside the university) around the broad theme of social justice in local and international settings, with a specific focus on participatory action research.


Centre for the Study of Jewish Culture, Society and Politics

Summary: Durham University’s Centre for the Study of Jewish Culture, Society and Politics brings together a group of leading scholars representing nine departments and coming from a wide range of disciplines including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Geography, History, Literary Theory, Political Science, and Theology. We conduct both empirical and theoretical research involving different aspects of the lives of Jewish communities around the world. Our current research interests include, but are not limited to, post-Biblical Judaism, anthropology and political sociology of Jewish communities, twentieth-century Jewish history and literature, Jewish political thought, and the study of the State of Israel. We welcome scholars specialising in any area of Jewish Studies


Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre

The Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre (DISC--formerly the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab) is a research centre of the Department of Anthropology, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health and the Wolfson Institute for Health & Well-being. It is the home for a group of researchers examining various aspects of infant and child sleep and parenting behaviour.


Durham Research Methods Centre

Harnessing research methods expertise across the University to shape world-class training and research


Durham Energy Institute

Durham Energy Institute (DEI) supports and produces cutting-edge energy research which draws on the expertise of world-leading researchers across Durham University's departments in Science, Social Science and Humanities.


Institute of Advanced Study

Summary: The Institute of Advanced Study is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute with global reach. We bring together world-leading researchers from all disciplines to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance. At least twenty visiting IAS Fellows join us in Durham each year to work with Durham scholars to spark new investigations, set tomorrow's agenda and participate in a varied programme of activities.


Institute for Medical Humanities

Improving health by understanding the human experience.