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Taught courses

We offer a range of postgraduate taught programmes offering the opportunity to pursue advanced specialist courses and also conversion courses from other degrees.

Our Masters courses offer the opportunity to join an active research group and undertake research supported by expert staff. Our large size and interdisciplinary focus give you a unique opportunity to participate in an active research environment and to prepare you for your future career.


MA Socio-Cultural Anthropology L6K107

"This course gave me confidence and knowledge of different cultures. Learning about social systems & structures enabled me to consider problems faced by immigrants and Indigenous peoples around the world. My research also allowed me to fulfil a lifelong dream to work with the First People's of Australia - the Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory."

Nicky Graves
MA Socio-Cultural Anthropology

"The MA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology was challenging in the best way possible. The staff in the department are incredibly supportive and provide tailored direction and advice in a wide range of research fields.

Studying Anthropology at Durham is a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge researchers, in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

The students and staff in the Anthropology department made this MA an enriching and rewarding experience."

Susanna Baker
MA Socio-Cultural Anthropology


MA Research Methods (Anthropology) L6K307

"My MA Research Methods has given me the best of both worlds. I have had the opportunity to learn fresh, ground-breaking core research and data analysis skills and concepts from social scientists from many disciplines - for example, education, politics and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach has given me a deeper understanding and a thorough grounding in some practical transferable skills.

At the same time, I have had the luxury of taking a deep dive in the rich pool of expertise that is Durham University's anthropology department. Not only is it at the cutting edge of anthropological thought and action, I couldn't have wished for a more supportive and inclusive team of professors, lecturers and fellow students. There are so many paths to choose within this fascinating, diverse, yet integrated department. My chosen path - Medical Anthropology - is buzzing with infectious energy, and the Anthropology of Health Research Group is a welcoming forum for debate and support. It feels like home.

Being matched against the ESRC requirements, this course has been the ideal preparation for a PhD or a role in shaping social policy in practice. I feel ready for the next phase of my life!"

Andrea Lambell
MA Research Methods


MSc Medical Anthropology L6K507

"Pursuing MSc Medical Anthropology at Durham University was the best thing that ever happened to my academic life. The University has world class facilities to support learning and excellent academic staff that are capable of bringing out the best in students."

Collins Zamawe
MSc Medical Anthropology

“There is a warmth and established openness amongst the students and the staff in the Anthropology department, which makes me feel relevant and part of a growing family of academics. The intellectual stimulation that I continuously receive in this environment is an amazing and unquantifiable experience”

Barbara Mutedzi
MSc Medical Anthropology (2013-2014)


MSc Sustainability, Energy and Development L6K907