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photo of Iain Edgar

The Anthropology Department at Durham is sorry to announce the death of Dr Iain Edgar, a dearly loved colleague and friend.

Iain joined the Department as a lecturer in 1995, inspiring many generations of students with his engaging, stimulating and often unconventional approach to teaching anthropology. Iain was a pioneer of image-work and dream-work methods, which underpinned both his research and teaching practice, forging new connections between group therapy, counselling and anthropology. Beginning in 2002, Iain embarked on a new area of research, on the role of the dream in Islam, taking him to Pakistan, Afghanistan and beyond. Iain retired from the Department in 2015 as Emeritus Reader, but was never far away, being a regular participant of Department seminars and other events, and contributing behind the scenes in numerous ways. Above all, Iain was an intensely compassionate human being, who cared deeply about the world and those with whom he shared the journey through life. He will be sorely missed.