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Giving Vunerable People a Voice


Gina Porter works with vulnerable people in sub-Saharan Africa towards improving their access to quality services and livelihoods, including through enhanced daily mobility.

Who is the research is aimed at helping? Women, children and young people, older people, those living in remote locations

Where does the research take place? Sub-Saharan Africa

What does the work comprise? Developing field methodologies which can help give vulnerable people voice (notably through co-investigation/peer research), then working with community co-researchers to investigate and evidence current conditions, identify key needs and promote improved policy and practice.

Which are the main external (non-academic) organisations involved? International Forum for Rural Transport and Development and other transport-related NGOs; HelpAge International; youth and disability NGOs; ReCAP; in-country government departments in Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania; African Development Bank.

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