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Colourful world map

#RewritingWorldArchaeology was a writing workshop programme led by Antiquity & @ArcDurham that mentored early career researchers from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

At Archaeology in Durham, we believe that world archaeology must be rewritten more equitably, with a greater contribution from the Global South, whose archaeology is some of the richest in the world, yet whose archaeologists are often underrepresented in international publishing, research agendas, funding and networks.

Working with Writing Workshops 2021 funding from the British Academy, we formed a diverse and expansive global coalition of partners, including a gender-balanced team of academic and professional experts working across the Global South, staff from Durham University’s Department of Archaeology, and Antiquity―a world-leading archaeology journal. Together we aimed to tackle entrenched regional inequalities in publishing that have created significant gaps in international voice for Global South scholars and their research.

This project is now concluded, but is being continued through Rewriting World Archaeology: South Asia