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26 January 2023 - 26 January 2023

1:00PM - 2:00PM

D104, Dawson Building

  • Free for all attendees

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Dr Tina Jakob will be presenting her research on human remains from the island of Mograt, Sudan.

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The Fortresses of Mograt Island, Sudan. From Mograt Island Archaeological Mission, 2014

The Mograt Island Archaeological Mission seeks to uncover the history of the Nile's largest island's occupation via a variety of means. The Bronze Age occupation of the island is dominated by burial mounds, and Dr Tina Jakob is working to uncover the lives of the peoples of the area by looking at their deaths.

The island was a strategical position, and would have received influences from people moving along the Nile and towards the Red Sea, so many cultural influences would have come together over the years. Tina's work focuses on a cemetry near al-Karmal, which contains many burial mounds. From the skeletons excavated there, Tina has been able to reconstruct the health of past peoples liveing there. For example, there is evidence that many people living on Mograt had broken bones that healed, meaning that they were cared for during this time.


Free for all attendees