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3 March 2023 - 3 March 2023

1:00PM - 2:00PM

D210, Dawson Building

  • Free for all attendees.

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Dr Jo-Hannah Plug will be presenting the findings of her PhD thesis, which looked at mortuary practices at the Neolithic site of Tell Sabi Abyad in Syria.

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Excavations at Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria. From S. L. Pei, 2009.

There is a huge variation in mortuary practices across Southwest Asia during the Late Neolithic, which has been attributed to many factors. Dr Plug is one of the first to deconstruct how mortuary practices changed systematically over distance and time, using human bone deposits from 7th-6th millennium cal BC Tell Sabi Abyad. 

The thesis utilised a wide range of evidence from settlement to osteological to mortuary data. This talk will focus on Dr Plug's findings relating to diet at the site, drawing mainly from multi-isotope evidence to examine how food-sharing practices affected mortuary behaviour.


Free for all attendees.

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