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1 February 2023 - 1 February 2023

4:00PM - 6:00PM

D210, The Dawson Building

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Dr Kevin Kay from the University of Leicester will be presenting his research on how the archaeology of Neolithic Turkey is affected by the politics of knowledge

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During the early Neolithic period, conventional sources of large-scale change (nations, armies, corporations etc.) did not yet exist. Dr Kay argues that the household and everyday relationships between people likely took the place of the prime movers. This period was a turning point in human existence when the transition from itinerant hunter-gathering to sedentary farming took place and spread across the world. The earliest 'cities' often contained unique living conditions and layouts devoid of temples, palaces or other 'public buildings', whilst simultaneously demonstrating tight bonds through the lack of individual cooking or storage facilities which must have been communal. To learn more about how this space was politicised and how community changed over time, come along to the seminar.



Where and when

The Dawson Building

Durham University Science Site

South Road



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