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Animal Cells and Systems

Group Coordinator: Dr Patricia Muller

We are a grouping of animal biologists working on fundamental biological questions, most of which underpin biomedical interests relevant to the bioeconomy.

Our research is divided into three thematic areas:

Mechanisms of development and ageing - including stem cell biology and age-related disease

Cell to system organization and function – focusing on the cytoskeleton, membrane biology and signalling from subcellular to whole animal systems

Cell and tissue biotechnology – incorporating tissue engineering, development and application of in vitro models, and biomarkers of health and disease

Our strengths are in basic bioscience and biotechnology. We develop and use state-of-the-art technologies including advanced bioimaging, omics-based approaches and computational strategies.

We have strong interdisciplinary links with other science and medical disciplines within and beyond our faculty, including major industries, HE Institutes and NHS Trusts. This enables us to realise the value and impact of our fundamental research in underpinning advances for the health and wellbeing of our society.

Affiliated Members: Dr Martin SchröderProf Sushma GrellscheidProf Paul Denny

Academic Members

Meet the group

Professor Carrie Ambler

Area of Research: Biotechnology and Skin Science

Professor Adam Benham

Area of Research: Protein Quality Control in Health and Disease

Dr Francesco Boselli

Area of Research: Bioengineering and Biological Physics
Francesco Boselli

Professor Paul Chazot

Area of Research: Novel rational therapeutics for chronic neurological disorders: drugs and beyond

Dr Rebecca Clark

Area of Research: Host-microbe interactions during ageing

Dr Vincent Croset

Area of Research: Neurogenetics

Dr Tim Davies

Area of Research: Cell Division

Dr David Doupe

Area of Research: Regulation of Epithelial Stem Cells

Professor Martin Goldberg

Area of Research: Cell structure/dynamics, nuclear envelope, electron and light microscopy
Martin Goldberg

Professor Colin Jahoda

Area of Research: Development, growth & regeneration of skin

Dr Akis (Iakowos) Karakesisoglou

Area of Research: Linker of the nucleoskeleton and cytoskeleton (LINC) complex roles in health and disease
Akis Karakesisoglou

Dr Arto Maatta

Area of Research: Epithelial Cell Biology
Arto Maatta

Professor Alistair McGregor

Area of Research: Evolutionary developmental biology
Alistair McGregor

Dr Patricia Muller

Area of Research: p53 and heavy metals in health and disease
Patricia Muller

Professor Stefan Przyborski

Area of Research: Advanced Tissue Technologies
Stefan Prysborski lab

Professor Susan Pyner

Area of Research: Autonomic control of the cardiovascular system
Susan Pyner

Dr Olena Riabinina

Area of Research: Sensory neuroscience, sensory ecology, genetic tools

Professor David Weinkove

Area of Research: Ageing and microbes using C. elegans

Recent Publications

Li, Zhi, Lamb, Rebecca, Coles, Mark C., Bennett, Clare L. & Ambler, Carrie A. (2021). Inducible ablation of CD11c+ cells to determine their role in skin wound repairImmunology 163(1): 105-111.

Maruyama, Yohei, Sugawa, Mitsuhiro, Yamaguchi, Shin, Davies, Tim, Osaki, Toshihisa, Kobayashi, Takuya, Yamagishi, Masahiko, Takeuchi, Shoji, Mishima, Masanori & Yajima, Junichiro (2021). CYK4 relaxes the bias in the off-axis motion by MKLP1 kinesin-6Communications Biology 4: 180.

Wheelwright, M.Whittle, C.R. & Riabinina, O. (2021). Olfactory systems across mosquito speciesCell and Tissue Research

Obara, Ilona, Telezhkin, Vsevolod, Alrashdi, Ibrahim & Chazot, Paul L. (2020). Histamine, histamine receptors and neuropathic pain reliefBritish Journal of Pharmacology 177(3): 580-599.

Allen, A.M., Neville, M.C., Birtles, S., Croset, V., Treiber, C.D., Waddell, S. & Goodwin, S.F. (2020). A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the adult Drosophila ventral nerve cordeLife 9: e54074.

Chisholm, David, Lamb, Rebecca, Pallett, Tommy, Affleck, Valerie, Holden, Claire, Marrison, Joanne, O'Toole, Peter, Ashton, Peter, Newling, Katherine, Steffen, Andreas, Nelson, Amanda, Mahler, Christoph, Valentine, Roy, Blacker, Thomas, Bain, Angus John, Girkin, John M, Marder, Todd B, Whiting, Andrew & Ambler, Carrie A (2019). Photoactivated cell-killing involving a low molecular weight, donor-acceptor diphenylacetyleneChemical Science 10(17): 4673-4683.

Worfolk, JCBell, SSimpson, LDCarne, NAFrancis, SL, Engelbertsen, V, Brown, AP, Walker, J, Viswanath, YK & Benham, AM (2019). Elucidation of the AGR2 interactome in esophageal adenocarcinoma cells identifies a redox sensitive chaperone hub for the quality control of MUC-5AC. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling 31(15): 1117-1132.

Schinaman, Joseph M., Rana, Anil, Ja, William W., Clark, Rebecca I. & Walker, David W. (2019). Rapamycin modulates tissue aging and lifespan independently of the gut microbiota in DrosophilaScientific Reports 9(1): 7824.

Hirsch, Sophia M., Sundaramoorthy, Sriramkumar, Davies, Tim, Zhuravlev, Yelena, Waters, Jennifer C., Shirasu-Hiza, Mimi, Dumont, Julien & Canman, Julie C. (2018). FLIRT: fast local infrared thermogenetics for subcellular control of protein functionNature Methods 15(11): 921-923.

Doupé, D.P., Marshall, O.J, Dayton, H., Brand, A.H. & Perrimon, N. (2018). Drosophila intestinal stem and progenitor cells are major sources and regulators of homeostatic niche signalsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(48): 12218-12223.

Abaci, Hasan Erbil, Coffman, Abigail, Doucet, Yanne, Chen, James, Jacków, Joanna, Wang, Etienne, Guo, Zongyou, Shin, Jung U., Jahoda, Colin A. & Christiano, Angela M. (2018). Tissue engineering of human hair follicles using a biomimetic developmental approachNature Communications 9(1): 5301.

Resnik-Docampo, Martin, Koehler, Christopher L., Clark, Rebecca I., Schinaman, Joseph M., Sauer, Vivien, Wong, Daniel M., Lewis, Sophia, D’Alterio, Cecilia, Walker, David W. & Jones, D. Leanne (2017). Tricellular junctions regulate intestinal stem cell behaviour to maintain homeostasisNature Cell Biology 19(1): 52-59.

Ciechomska, M., O'Reilly, S.Przyborski, S., Oakley, F., Bogunia-Kubik, K. & van Laar, J.M. (2016). Histone demethylation and toll‐like receptor 8–dependent cross‐talk in monocytes promotes transdifferentiation of fibroblasts in systemic sclerosis via Fra‐2Arthritis & Rheumatology 68(6): 1493-1504.

Virk, B.Jia, J.Maynard, C.A.Raimundo, A., Lefebvre, J., Richards, S.A., Chetina, N., Liang, Y., Helliwell, N., Cipinska, M. & Weinkove, D. (2016). Folate acts in E. coli to accelerate C. elegans aging independently of bacterial biosynthesisCell Reports 14(7): 1611-1620.


Health Beyond Biomedicine

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