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Anonymous Marking

This policy should be read in conjunction with: 

  • The University's Learning and Teaching Handbook, which sets out the policy on anonymous marking. The additional information below provides further clarification on the policy in the context of Common Awards programmes; links are provided to relevant sections of the Learning and Teaching Handbook. 

TEIs should also consult: 

All university examinations must be sat and marked anonymously. 

It is not always possible to mark coursework anonymously, if this would conflict with the need to give students full and timely feedback, but we encourage anonymity where possible. 

For major projects and dissertations, it is often inevitable that the supervisor will also be the first marker and that anonymity can thus be hard to secure. Therefore 

  • project/dissertation titles should be approved anonymously by the TEI’s Board of Examiners; 
  • full double marking should normally be used (i.e., all dissertations and projects should normally be marked by two markers); and 
  • second marking should, wherever be possible, be anonymous. 

All Boards of Examiners (both TEI and Durham Boards of Examiners), should be carried out with the students under consideration remaining anonymous.