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Types of Curriculum Development

Theological Education Institutions (TEIs), via their Common Awards Management Committee, are responsible for regularly reviewing their approved programme pathways (as documented in the TEI’s programme regulations and module overview tables) to ensure that they remain up-to-date, fit-for-purpose, and aligned with the overarching Common Awards Curriculum  Framework. The curriculum development process provides an opportunity for TEIs to make changes to their programme regulations or module overview tables. This might be as a result of the Annual Self-Evaluation process, reflecting on student feedback, feedback from External Examiners, or identifying a new opportunity. TEIs, or the Ministry Development Team, may also wish to propose changes to the Common Awards Curriculum Framework (such as module outlines or a Programme Specification).  

Curriculum Development requests should be submitted to Durham by the relevant deadline prior to the year in which the changes are due to take effect. This includes programmes that are due to commence in September/October or January or April.  Proposals received after the deadline may not be considered.  

There are two main Curriculum Development deadlines for TEIs: 


This is for substantive changes or new developments at the TEI (e.g. introducing or withdrawing a programme, changes to the method of delivery of programmes or modules), and for proposals to make a to change to the Common Awards Curriculum Framework (e.g. introducing a new programme or module to the suite of Common Awards programmes or modules)

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This is for making smaller changes to what is already being delivered at a TEI (e.g. introducing or withdrawing a module, changing the assessment pattern for a module, or proposing learning hours which fall outside of the guidelines).

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See the Common Awards Calendar for this year’s specific deadlines in January and May.