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Submitting Module Registrations

Students must be registered on modules that align with the requirements of the relevant Common Awards programme specification, a TEI’s approved programme regulations, and the credit requirements as set out in the Core Regulations. See our Credit Parameters page for a summary of these expectations. In a small number of cases, students may need to be registered on modules that are outside of these parameters; in these instances, TEIs should seek a concession in advance of registering the students on these modules. See our Concessions page for more information.  

Each module is allocated a unique 'module code' (e.g. TMM1501) which should be used to register a student on a module. Module registrations should be added to students records in Moodle. Once all module registrations have been added to Moodle, TEIs are required to generate reports directly from Moodle to share this data securely with Durham for upload to the University’s student records system. If, after a TEI has submitted their Module Registration Data, a student changes their module registration, this should be shared with the Common Awards Team in a Change of Registration form. See our Submitting Changes to Student Records pages for further information. 

See our Common Awards Calendar for the deadline to submit this information to Durham. 

The following reports should be shared with the Common Awards Team: 

  • Module Registration Data (Excel/CSV) 
  • Undergraduate Module Enrolment Report (HTML) – if applicable 
  • Grad Dip and Grad Cert Module Enrolment Report (HTML) - if applicable 
  • Postgraduate Module Enrolment Report (HTML) -  if applicable 

Please note that TEIs are required to undertake verification checks in Moodle to confirm the accuracy of the data before submitting this to Durham. See the Moodle Marks Processing System guide, available on the Common Awards Hub, for detailed instructions on how to add this data to Moodle, how to undertake the data checks, and how to download the reports for Durham.