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Communities of Practice: Pedagogical approaches to theological accompaniment among Black and White Christians with a concern for racial justice

Natalie Chen and Anna Ruddick, YTEP

Initial Description

This project draws together the current work of St Hild, Urban Life and the Black Light course (a partnership between Ascension Trust and Urban Expression) in order to explore the cultivation of lifestyles and ministries which promote mutuality, diversity and partnership among Black and White Christians. It builds on the existing work of St Hild, in exploring theological education for practitioners working in marginal contexts, Urban Life in developing online reflective learning spaces for ministry practitioners, and the Black Light course in offering a way for Black and White Christians to explore together the neglected history, spirituality and faith of Black Christians and Churches.

Together we will develop an online Community of Practice offered to participants in the Black Light course to continue their reflection on the course material and its implications for their own practice. Qualitative, participatory research will be conducted during the development and experience of this Community of Practice to explore its potential for enabling participants to integrate new awareness into their broader lives and ministries. We aim to enable diverse groups of Christians in a variety of formal and informal ministries to grapple together with questions of race, difference, privilege and marginality, partnership in mission and systemic racism. This learning needs to be immersed in daily life and practice such that it has the potential to reshape lives and ministries for good. By working online and focusing on reflective practice, this project aims to offer models of learning together which are widely accessible and have the potential to be transformative. 


For the outcomes of the project, see the following project report and documents:

Redemptive Rehearsals Research Report

Intercultural CoPs - a Facilitator's Guide

Stepping Stones Towards Racial Justice