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Practical theologies of witness in the Church of England

Pete Ward, Cranmer Hall

Initial Description

We intend to research ministerial practice in the area of mission, evangelism and witness, through a partnership between training institutions and the Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group.

The project has five goals:

  • To engage selected ordinands and other practitioners in a reflexive theology of their ministerial practice in this area.
  • To document these reflections by filming practitioners in their ministerial context.
  • To engage with divergent perspectives and foster ‘better quality disagreement’.
  • To produce a resource for common awards training and the wider Church.
  • To feed into further research investigating how adults have come to faith in the Church of England in the last five years.

We anticipate that the project will both generate discussion and produce resources to help equip future clergy and lay leaders to be witnesses, in the power of the Spirit, to God’s love in Christ.


The ten videos produced by the project are available to view.

Issue 33.2 of Anvil: journal of theology and mission covered the project.