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Microscope Rooms (Teaching & Research)

Teaching Microscope Room

The teaching microscope room is used by undergraduate students during practicals and for dissertation work. It is well equipped with stereo (low-power) and compound (high-power) microscopes, which are used for microfossil (e.g. chironomid, diatom and pollen), Ice-Rafted Debris (IRD) and sediment thin section analysis. High Definition (HD) camera systems connected to microscopes are used to capture images on a PC and to display live images on HD televisions for demonstration purposes. This room also houses stereoscopes which are used for three-dimensional visualisation of aerial photographs.

Research Microscope Room

This room is equipped with a suite of research grade compound (high-power) and stereo (low-power) microscopes and a high-resolution camera system capable of taking publication grade images. This room is used by postgraduate students and academics for analysing microfossils and sediments.

Two people using microscopes