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Economy & Culture

The Economy & Culture research cluster reflects the Department of Geography's commitment to generating dynamic and productive relations between the fields of cultural and economic geography. The cluster provides a forum that brings together existing Departmental research from across these fields to create innovative research trajectories in human geography. Researchers in the cluster explore how the cultural and economic intersect and come to be represented across different registers, including practices of valuation, understandings of work and inequality, theories of development, techniques of visualisation, approaches to heritage and memorialisation, and the manufacturing of subjectivities. Economy & Culture is marked, in particular, by a shared interest in how the cultural and economic intersect and shape each other: from the routines and experiences of everyday life, to markets and materialities, and the developmental imaginaries that enable and sustain projects of future-making at a range of scales. Researchers share an interest in opening-up economic practices to cultural explanation, and in places and spaces within and beyond markets and across the Global North and South.