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Economy & Culture

The Economy & Culture research cluster reflects the Department of Geography's commitment to generating dynamic and productive relations between the fields of cultural and economic geography. The cluster provides a forum that brings together existing Departmental research from across these fields to create innovative research trajectories in human geography. Researchers in the cluster explore how the cultural and economic intersect and come to be represented across different registers, including practices of valuation, understandings of work and inequality, theories of development, techniques of visualisation, approaches to heritage and memorialisation, and the manufacturing of subjectivities. Economy & Culture is marked, in particular, by a shared interest in how the cultural and economic intersect and shape each other: from the routines and experiences of everyday life, to markets and materialities, and the developmental imaginaries that enable and sustain projects of future-making at a range of scales. Researchers share an interest in opening-up economic practices to cultural explanation, and in places and spaces within and beyond markets and across the Global North and South.

Cluster Members

Name Position Research  Interests
Professor Louise Amoore Professor Geopolitics; technology; geographies of machine learning;  ethico-politics; borders, biometrics and bodies; political geography; philosophy of science
Dr Penelope Anthias Assistant Professor Extractivism; territory; land rights; indigeneity; governmentality; decolonisation; Bolivia (Chaco)
Dr Andrew Baldwin Associate Professor Geographies of race and nature, political geography, migration/displacement, climate change, Anthropocene, political economy of adaptation
Dr Sage Brice British  Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Gender and identity, multi-species landscapes, wetlands, Israel-Palestine, creative methods, art-geography, queer ecologies
Professor Gavin Bridge Professor extractive economies; energy transition; natural resources; geographies of energy; political ecologies of resource production and investment; political economy of fossil fuels; global production networks
Professor Mike Crang Professor  Cultural geography; memory; identity; heritage; tourism; waste and the borders of commodification
Dr Elizabeth Johnson Associate Professor Science and Technology Studies; Political Ecology; More-than-human Geographies; Bioscience & Society; Bioeconomies; Oceanic Geographies; Anthropocene
Dr Sarah Knuth Associate Professor Political and cultural economy; political ecology; green economy; energy and climate justice; urban built environments and infrastructure; financial geographies; technology and industrial policy; fiscal politics and the state; value and devaluation
Dr Karen Lai Associate Professor Finance, financial centres, fintech, global cities, political economy, cultural economy, knowledge, producer services, advanced business services, Asia 
Professor Paul Langley Professor Money, finance, financialization, cultural economy, FinTech, digital finance, green finance, social finance
Dr Jessica Lehman Assistant Professor Science and technology studies; environmental politics; oceans; resource geographies; feminist and queer theory; postcolonial and decolonial geographies; political ecology; climate change
Dr Lauren Martin Associate Professor Political geography, carceral geographies, political economies of borders and migration control, datafication and digitalisation of mobility controls. 
Professor Cheryl McEwan Professor Postcolonial and decolonial theory; cultural economy; sustainable consumption; political ecology; Anthropocene; South Africa; sub-Saharan Africa; art as social practice
Dr Siobhán McGrath Associate Professor Work, labour & employment; unfree / trafficked / forced / 'slave' labour; 'anti-slavery' & contemporary abolitionism; Global Production Networks;  social reproduction; political economy; development geography; labour and migration; post-work; policy mobilities; Brazil
Professor Marcus Power Professor Development; geopolitics; energy; infrastructure; visual geographies and methodologies; China-Africa; decolonisation; subaltern geographies; decolonial and postcolonial theory
Dr Jeremy Schmidt Associate Professor Water; ethics; energy; resource geographies; Earth system; governance; Anthropocene; settler colonialism;  extractivism; history of ideas