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Academic Staff: Dr Chiara Brozzo Teaching Fellow/Deputy for PGR/Harassment Officer Contact Chiara Brozzo
Prof. Nancy Cartwright Professor/Director of CHESS
Dr Christopher Cowie Associate Professor/REF Impact Officer/Acting Director of Research/Director of UG & PG Student Experience/Placement Officer  
Dr Jeremy Dunham Assistant Professor/Director of History of Philosophy Research Cluster/Exam Board Rep Contact Jeremy Dunham
Prof. Matthew Daniel Eddy Professor/Chair DEC Contact Matthew Daniel Eddy
Dr David Faraci Assistant Professor/Acting Director of Research/IT Officer/PR
Prof. Sophie Gibb Professor (On Research Leave)
Dr Philip Goff Associate Professor/Deputy Director of Phil MA/Tutor Manager Contact Philip Goff
Dr Stephan Guttinger Teaching Fellow Contact Stephan Guttinger
Prof. Andy Hamilton Professor/Chair BoE/Director of Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics Research Cluster Contact Andy Hamilton
Prof. John Heil Professor Contact John Heil
Prof. Robin Hendry Professor/Head of Department/Chair of BoS/Director of Research Contact Robin Hendry
Dr Simon Paul James Associate Professor/Deputy Director of DEC
Dr Olof Leffler Teaching Fellow/Erasmus Officer
Dr Clare Mac Cumhaill Associate Professor (Research Leave)
Prof. Holger Maehle Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies Contact Holger Maehle
Prof. Anna Marmodoro Professor/DPGR
Dr James Miller Assistant Professor/Nat Science advisor and Exam Board Rep/Seminar Organiser Contact James Miller
Prof. Stephen Mumford Professor/Curriculum Officer/Athena Swan/Deputy Impact Officer
Dr Katherine Puddifoot Assistant Professor Contact Katherine Puddifoot
Dr Joe Saunders Assistant Professor/Admissions/Widening Participation Officer/Director of Digital Learning/CHSS Advisor
Prof. Geoffrey Scarre Professor (partly-retired)
Dr Benedict Smith Assistant Professor/Director Philosophy MA and Graduate Diploma Contact Benedict Smith
Dr Aaron Spink Teaching Fellow/JH Arts (A&H JH Programmes) advisor and Exam Board Rep/Director of Dissertations Contact Aaron Spink
Dr Richard Stopford Teaching Fellow/Liberal Arts Advisor and Exam Board Rep/Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies/Harassment Officer/Ethics Sub-Comm Rep Contact Richard Stopford
Dr Emily Thomas Associate Professor
Dr Matthew Tugby Associate Professor/Deputy for BoS/Director of MLM Research Cluster
Dr Sara L. Uckelman Assistant Professor/Admissions/Widening Participation Officer
Dr Peter Vickers Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Peter West Teaching Fellow Contact Peter West
Administrative Staff:      
Mrs Emma Atkinson Operations Administrator Contact Emma Atkinson
Mrs Jayne Ayre Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Jayne Ayre
Mrs Nicola Craigs Administrator/Outreach Officer (CHESS Research Centre) Contact Nicola Craigs
Mr Jonathon Gilderoy Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mr Adrian Harris Administrator/Outreach Officer (Knowledge for Use: K4U)
Miss Ruth Smith Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Ruth Smith
Miss Alice Wilson Department Manager/Secretariat BoS and BoE/Athena Swan/Disability and Diversity/H&S
Research Staff: Dr Christopher Austin Research Assistant Contact Christopher Austin
Dr Andrew Fletcher Postdoctoral Research Associate (Knowledge for Use: K4U)
Dr James Fraser Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr Andrea Roselli Research Assistant Contact Andrea Roselli
Emeritus Staff: Prof. DE Cooper Emeritus Professor Contact DE Cooper
Associated Staff: Prof. George Boys-Stones Associate
Prof. Thom Brooks Associate
Dr Phillip Sidney Horky Associate Professor
Prof. Ludmilla Jordanova Associate
Prof. Gerald Moore Associate
Prof. Max Paddison
Dr Angela Woods Associate