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Political Economy

Our Political Economy group address research questions arising at various spatial scales, from the global economy and the consequent complex international relations and governance challenges, to the intricacies of the everyday in very local political economies. We share a collective ambition to support the embedding of and research from, and of, the global South in disciplinary debates and methodologies, evidenced through our individual regional specialisms, the research problems we seek to tackle, the methods we use, and the collaborations we work within. 


Dr Gordon Cheung

Associate Professor in International Relations of China

Current Research Interests:

Gordon is engaged in a long-term project, The Global View of China’s Economic Development and Transformation, which stems from his previous research on in US foreign economic policy toward China, and which now looks at how and in what ways that China’s economic development has been adapting to, resisting or challenging towards the global economy. The research has been conducted through various funding bodies in East Asia, visiting and research fellowships awarded by global organisations and universities in the US, Europe, China and East Asia. Three single authored books have been published: Market Liberalism: American Foreign Policy toward China; Intellectual Property Rights in China: Politics of Piracy, Trade and Protection and China in the Global Political Economy: From Developmental to Entrepreneurial.


Dr Graham Harrison

Associate Professor of International Political Economy

Current research interests:

Graham is currently researching the comparative political economy of crisis management between the UK and sub-Saharan Africa. This is in its early stages, under the provisional title ‘Tropical Britain’. It aims to challenge and reinterpret common distinctions between the governance of European states in contrast to African states in light of protracted economic, democratic, and public health crises.


Indicative area of Research for those seeking PhD supervisors

We have a particular interest in the Political Economy of and from the Global South. This includes regional interests in East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, thematic interests in development, global political economy, transport, agrarian economies, and transport, and methodological interest in Everyday Political Economy as well as more conventional regulatory political economy.