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Patrick Jachyra

Dr. Patrick Jachyra has been invited to speak at the 2023 Durham University Convocation hosted by Vice-Chancellor and Warden, Professor Karen O’Brien. Dr. Jachyra will be a part of a cross faculty panel identified as eminent academics at Durham to discuss “How Durham researchers are preparing us for the future: Health, well-being and fitness on a changing planet"

The panel includes a range of Durham academics, influential in their field, to contribute to a vibrant and engaging dialogue on this topic. Dr Jachyra will discuss how his research examines the psycho-social dimensions of disability, health, and well-being of neurodivergent individuals, with a particular focus on autistic people. The goal of this research is to support the physical activity, well-being, participation and inclusion of neurodivergent people in society. 

To read more about the event and to register, please follow this link: Convocation October 2023 - Durham University