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Prof Kevin Tipton

I am writing to share the very sad news that Professor Kevin Tipton died on the 9th January 2022.

Kevin joined the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University in 2019 from the University of Stirling. A world renowned expert in the field of protein metabolism Kevin brought with him international recognition and a research integrity that inspired those around him. He loved teaching and sparking an interest in nutrition and metabolism in the undergraduate and postgraduate students he taught and mentored.

Kevin loved being outside and exploring new places especially those of historic relevance. The move from Stirling to Durham provided an opportunity to explore new areas and different landscapes. In 2021 Kevin took up a new role as Director of Science and Research at the Institute of Performance Nutrition where one of his main roles was to collaborate with scientists around the world on open access papers in nutrition – something that was an ideal fit for him. Kevin had a huge and far reaching impact on the field of sport and health science and you would be hard pushed to find someone in the field that wasn’t familiar not only with Kevin’s extensive academic contribution but also with his character. He was a warm, kind and generous person who always had a good story to tell. He kept in contact with so many people he had met throughout his life – from his own days of academic study, playing rugby and his academic career. Kevin loved attending conferences and travelling to meet new collaborators but also to catch up with friends, new and old. A hugely charismatic individual, Kevin was equally in his element presenting at international conferences or Universities he was visiting and hosting social events for friends and colleagues with his particular specialty being BBQs.

One of Kevin’s main drivers was the development of those he mentored to become well rounded, successful scientists and people that flourished. The time and energy he committed to those he mentored seemed limitless whether it was early career researchers, postgraduates, undergraduates, visiting scholars, visiting students or potential students. He helped those around him by making meaningful connections with his extensive network and providing whatever opportunities he could. Kevin has made a lasting impact on so many people’s lives across the globe and his passing will be felt throughout the international sport science community and beyond.

Kevin was due to move back to Stirling later this month, to get back to the Ochil hills, where his heart is and where so many wonderful memories were made with his beloved dog Reiver. Our thoughts and condolences go to his parents Judy and Leonard, his brother Sean and his sister in law and nephews at this difficult and sad time.