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Scarlet Hall, image by Simone Rudolphi

Scarlet is an artist-researcher working on an SPHR funded project with Dr Caroline Dodd-Reynolds, exploring physical activity among LGBTQ+ youth

Scarlet has provided us with this insight into their work: I am a socially engaged artist-researcher-facilitator, new to research in an academic context and looking forward to collaborating with a diverse team of researchers on the SPHF project. We will be working with LGBTQI+ young people to improve their experience of physical activity opportunities through changing institutions and policy. I imagine my role to include nudging the research towards paying attention to queer and trans agency and joy (not just the structural violence we face), noticing when barriers such as the ongoing 'othering' of trans people  are being replicated and support us to choose something different, and to help build a research team, including with the young people, that has enough collective trust and ambition to make an impact institutional cultures and policies in the north east. 

I am interested in embodied and affect based research methods, and draw on my dance and physical theatre practice to better understand , and disrupt, the perpetuation of systems of power and violence. For example, in my Masters dissertation in Human Geography (2018)  I researched how defensiveness shapes spaces and bodies, using movement improvisation as my research methodology. Since then I have been working with the North Pennines AONB Partnership on an action research project researching diverse barriers marginalised groups experience in accessing and connecting with protected landscapes. 

*Image by Simone Rudolphi