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Our Postgradute Alumni 

University student
The skills and training I received during my time at DSES have proven to be the most influential on my career development. From the rigour of research standards to an approach to teaching based on empathy for students from all backgrounds, the values I learned at Durham play an active role in my professional day to day life.

Colm Hickey, Lausanne University
Head of UEFA Certificate in Football management
University student
Obtaining the position with CFE Research was strongly based on an ability to work with mixed methods and to successfully communicate research findings to lay audiences. These skills were honed whilst in DSES, through the regular research seminar series and also through having the opportunity to work on different research projects and use different data analysis methods.

Sarah Harding CFE (Research and Consulting) Ltd.
Research Manager
University student
The close advising and mentoring relationships with those in the department, as well as the writing and quantitative methods skills I was able to greatly improve upon while at Durham helped me to start and continue a successful research career in academia.

Adam Gemar, HSE University, Moscow
Research Fellow
University student
There is a culture of students-led engagements such as research seminars, journal clubs and coffee meetings. The student-led research seminar was full of critical conversations between students and staff in different research interests. This intellectual and social environment helped shape me to be the motivated individual I am and to think critically.

Inhyang Choi, Korea Paralympic Committee