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Matariki Network Global Citizenship Programme

The Matariki Network of Universities’ (MNU) Programme seeks to recognise the potential of (MNU) Global Citizenship. The Programme serves as an umbrella for a variety of multi-institutional activities in education, research and engagement, and aims to involve students in activities relating to Global Citizenship and sustainability both inside and outside of the University.
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The Matariki Network Global Citizenship programme 2023 runs from 25 September—13 October 2023

The Global Citizenship course consists of up to 9 hours of asynchronous learning across 3 weeks and can be completed at your own pace. You will have access to a interactive platform to guide you along your journey and connect you with peers from across the Matariki network. The programme consist of 3 short assessments to help you articulate your learning.

This programme enables students to gain a Global Citizenship micro-credential. Upon successful completion of the course, you can earn the ‘Global Citizenship’ micro-credential, demonstrating to the world that you’ve developed the skills to tackle complex global issues. You will also become apart of the 117,000+ Global Common Purpose Alumni network made up of students, emerging and senior leaders from across the world.

To apply please click here: Matariki Network Global Citizenship - 25 Sep - 13 Oct - Formstack (external site). For further information please visit the links on the following flyer: Matariki Network Global Citizenship Programme 2023 Flyer.  Applications are strongly encouraged from students with Widening Participation or disadvantaged backgrounds.

Deadline to apply: Friday 01 September.


A group of international business students

What is Global Citizenship?

Just as the impact of global warming or pandemic crosses borders, global citizenship is the idea that identity transcends geography or political borders. The University is involved in a wide range of activities relating to global citizenship and sustainability.

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