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Tübingen Virtual Intercultural Program

TÜ-VIP is a 10-week online program which offers courses on a variety of subjects from sustainability to human rights. All courses are free and can be taken alongside your studies at Durham. The program brings together students from across the world to discuss important topics and encourage intercultural exchange.
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General contact:
Webpage: TÜ-VIP | Universität Tübingen (

TÜ-VIP is a free 10-week online program offering courses on Sustainability, Politics, Intercultural Communication, German and other language courses, as well as classes on Identity, Culture, and Human Rights. Courses can be taken alongside your studies at home and are a great opportunity to meet international students, network, and gain an insight into studying abroad. There are two intakes available, with courses starting in either February or October. Students attend one lesson per week for a total of 10 weeks via Zoom.


The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, from all fields of study. Priority is given to students who intend to study in person at the University.

Participants must be enrolled as students at their home university and have a very good command of English.

How to apply

Applications should be made directly to Tübingen University. The application link is available at TÜ-VIP February / October | Universität Tübingen (

To view available course listings, please visit TÜ-VIP February / October | Universität Tübingen (  Students can choose up to two courses plus the Buddy Program.


All courses are free of charge.


TÜ-VIP will be based on online material that you can access at any time using Tübingen university’s MOODLE system, as well as on live online discussions (including video conferences via ZOOM which will take place at pre-set times once a week).

Buddy Program

During the Buddy Program, a student of the University of Tübingen teams up with a participant of TÜ-VIP. The Buddy Program aims to initiate a cultural exchange between international students and students of the University of Tübingen in order to expand your cultural horizon and strengthen intercultural skills and competences. The Buddy Program will allow you to get to know German student life first-hand and to make friends.

For more information, please visit the TÜ-VIP webpage.