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GO Study: Non European Exchange Application

This page provides guidance on how to apply for the non-European Exchange programme. We strongly advise you download the full Non European application guide. A link to the application portal is in the purple section at the bottom of this page. The application deadline is 17 November 12:00 (noon).
Download the full guide here

**Please note: the online form is in the purple section towards the bottom of this page, however, we encourage students to read the full page prior to starting an application**

The Non-European Exchange programme is very competitive and participants are selected through a process of application and selection process administered by the International Office in conjunction with your academic department.

Please contact the exchange coordinator in your department before applying for an exchange. This is because:

  • Your application needs to be be clear about how an exchange fits into your degree programme and if there are any requirements set by your department for a year abroad.
  • Once you have submitted your application, your departmental exchange coordinator will need to endorse your application.


Departmental Exchange Coordinators

Each department has an exchange coordinator that will advise on academic issues and options available in your Department. Likewise they can provide support, should academic issues arise while abroad.

Find your Departmental Exchange Coordinator

Non European Exchange Full Application Guide

Still not downloaded and read the guide? We strongly recommend you do. It contains all the information required in the application form and the steps for shortlisting

Click here to download the guide

The online form will be available on this page during the application period only. All the questions contained within the form are contained within the full 24-25 Non-European Exchange Application Guide . Here are a few highlights from the guide:

Students must achieve an average of a 55%* in the academic year prior to their year abroad in order to remain eligible for an overseas placement (*Law must achieve 60% as our partner universities require this). Please be aware that due to academic term dates in overseas countries, you may start your studies before the Durham University exam boards issue final marks. Should you not achieve a 55% average, you may be expected to return.

There are two stages to the application process. Successful applications must fulfil both.

Part 1 - Online Application

To access the form students must use a device that is linked to their Durham account. You may have to open a browser and enter the DU Hub ( which may ask you for your Durham login.

The online form consists of seven sections:

Section 1 - Student Details

Section 2 - University Choices

You can choose up to 3 host universities. If you are not successful in gaining a place at one of your choices, you will be placed into a ‘reserve pot’ and you will be offered a place at a university who has places left over after all other allocations are completed. These places will be allocated in rank order.

Section 3 - Module Choices

You are required to complete the following for EACH of your host university choices:

  • Proposed Learning Agreement proposing modules at your chosen universities. You must research this yourself on the host university pages (the where pages list our partners). This section must be discussed with your Departmental Exchange Coordinator before submission. These modules can (and probably will) change on arrival at your allocated host.

FAQ: How do I find module choices?

There is not a single depository that compiles all modules at all universities worldwide. Consequently it is your responsibility to use an online search for modules in your subject area. Where possible, we have included some initial links from the Durham 'Where' webpages. However, while we will do our best to keep hyperlinks updated on our webpages, Durham has over 300 exchange partners worldwide. Therefore, it is inevitable that some links will change and break. Please use your initiative with a search engine. When looking for modules a good initial search is: [proposed university] incoming exchange. If you are unable to find modules in your subject area, then you may have to look at selecting a different partner university.

Section 4 - Host University Research

You must complete this for EACH host university. The full 24-25 Non-European Exchange Application Guide gives further details on the questions in this section.

Section 5 - Personal Statement

Students will be required to write a personal statement on:

  • Please describe in no more than 500 words how the proposed study placement(s) will benefit you academically personally and professionally, how you will maximise the benefits of your placement, and how it will enhance your long term career goals (75%)
  • Please outline in no more than 200 words what qualities, skills and experience you can bring to the proposed placement(s) and how you would act as an ambassador for Durham University (25%)

The full 24-25 Non-European Exchange Application Guide gives further details on personal statements. 

Section 6 - Upload: Statement of your previous year's marks

Section 7 - Declaration

The above questions may be drafted on the Practice Application Proforma - not for submission, however, they must be submitted via the online portal.

The online application form must be submitted by 12:00 (noon UK), Friday 17 November.

Part 1(b) - Departmental Approval

After the application deadline your application will automatically be sent for departmental approval. This ensures that your module choices are appropriate to your academic course. For this reason, students should consult their Departmental Exchange Coordinator prior to application.

Part 2 - Peer-to-Peer Scoring

You will be allocated five anonymous, randomly-assigned personal statements, which will be emailed to your Durham email address by Monday 27th November. Full details on this process is set out in the full 24-25 Non-European Exchange Application Guide . You will have one week to score the applications. If you fail to mark all five of your allocated statements by 12:00 (noon) on Monday 4th December, your own exchange application will be considered incomplete and will be withdrawn.


Once approval from departments and peer-to-peer scores have been received, a ranking based on personal statement scores and academic scores will be made by the International Office according to the full 24-25 Non-European Exchange Application Guide .

Students will be notified by the end of the calendar year. Applicants are advised to check their Durham email account during the holiday period.



Non-European Exchange Application Form

Please use the online link below to make an application. The deadline for applications is Friday 17 Nov, 12:00 (noon).

Click here to apply via the online form

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