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GO Study: European Application

This page provides guidance on how to apply for the European exchange programme.
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The online application form for the European Exchange programme is available via the link in the grey section of this webpage below. The deadline for submission of applications is Friday 16 February 2024 (12 noon).

What is on the application form?

There are seven parts to the application form:

Part 1 - Student Details
Part 2 - University Choices

Part 3 - Module Choices
Part 4 - Host University Research
Part 5 - Personal Statement

Part 6 - Upload: Previous Year's Statement of Marks
Part 7 - Declaration

More details about the application form?

Part 3: The Proposed Learning Agreement is your proposed modules at your chosen universities. You must research this yourself on the host university pages (the European list of partners). This is required to ensure that there are sufficient modules in your subject for a full-year workload at your choice of universities. You must fill out module choices for each university you choose and not just your first choice. These modules can change on arrival at your allocated host.

Part 4: Host University Research. This is a short set of questions from the type of accommodation available to the nearest airport. This is required to demonstrate that you have considered how partner universities you choose suit your degree programme, lifestyle and budget. You must complete this for EACH host university.  

Part 5: You are required to write a personal statement of no more than 500 words justifying your exchange. 

The online form will be available on this page during the application period only. Please ensure you read the 24/25 European Exchange Application Guide before applying, it contains important information such as how to find your programme code and download your Statement of Marks.

What happens when I submit my application?

  • You will be informed of the outcome of your application by your department. (Approx. late February)
  • Your department will notify the International Office of your placement allocation. (Approx. early March)
  • The International Office will nominate you to your host institute. (Approx. March - April)
  • You will receive information from your host institution regarding their internal application procedure. (Approx. May - June)
  • You will receive confirmation from your host institution (June onwards)

These timeframes are approximate. Each partner university has individual internal procedures which may affect each stage of the process.

What about Erasmus+?

The UK is no longer part the Erasmus+ framework but we are continuing exchanges in Europe. Please note that occasionally partners may have paperwork that includes Erasmus+, however, Durham students (regardless of nationality) will not be Erasmus+ students.

Erasmus funding is not available. The University will bid to the UK Government Turing funding scheme to support European placements, however, the Turing funding call has not opened and we cannot guarantee full funding from Turing. Within the Turing [funding] Scheme, priority is given to Widening Participation.


Europe Guide

24-25 European Exchange Guidance and Application

Click the links below to access the European Exchange Guide and to apply online. Please ensure you read the guidance before applying. The application form will be open from 12 January. The deadline for submission of applications is Friday 16 February 2024 (12 noon).

24-25 European Exchange Guide for Students European Exchange Application Form
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While numerous partners teach in English, many European partners have language requirements. Speaking a foreign language will expand the number of partners at which you will be able to study. Click the link below to find out more about partner language requirements, learning a language and support.

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