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7 December 2021 - 7 December 2021

3:00PM - 5:00PM


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The Durham Biophysical Sciences Institute is very pleased to host the 2021-22 Online Peptoid Symposium Series. Organised by an international committee of peptoid researchers, this is a free, online series of bimonthly symposia. #peptoidsymposia

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7 December Symposium

Pacific 0700 / Eastern 1000 / CET 1600 / China 2300 / JST/KST (Dec 8) 0000

The first peptoid symposium for 2021-22 will be held on the 7 December 2021. Its focus will be on ECR talks and it will be organised by student and postdoc ECRs. Speakers will include:

Beihang Yu (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): "Using sequence-defined polypeptoids to understand chain conformation effects in block copolymer self-assembly"
Erin Tsai (Louisiana State University): "Unraveling the role of charge patterning in the micellar structure of sequence defined amphiphilic peptoid oligomers by molecular dynamics simulations"
Hamish Swanson (The University of Strathclyde): "Minimal peptoid self-assembly: a computational rationale"
Josefine Eilsø Nielsen (Stanford University/Roskilde University): "Self-assembly of antimicrobial peptoids impacts their biological effects on ESKAPE bacterial pathogens"
Fabiana Cordella (Università di Pisa): "A proline mimetic for the design of new stablesecondary structures"
Carolynn Davern (North Carolina State University): "Submonomer synthesis of peptoids containing trans-inducing N-imino and N-alkylamino-glycine monomers"
Nicki Frederiksen (University of Copenhagen): "Peptide–peptoid hybrid oligomers as potential antibiotics"

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ECR Organising Committee: Sally Jiao (UCSB), Assunta D’Amato (UNISA) and Samuel Owoso (Louisiana State).

For information and recordings of previous Peptoid Symposia please click here.




Free to attend