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Durham Inspired at Stephenson

Our students already do so much. You deserve to be recognised and given the opportunity to better understand the value of your experiences to further enrich your personal and professional development.  

This Award is about celebrating and recognising all that you will naturally do as a Durham University student. You take it for granted because it’s happening all around you every day but, whether you realise it or not, your contribution to the Durham community is inspiring. 

True success at Durham is about more than obtaining a degree certificate and getting involved in clubs and societies. Completing the Durham Inspired Award will give you the edge to take into employment and into life more generally. That’s the Durham Difference. 

This is for you. Get involved.  

Student Testimonials

Michelle Leung, Biology Student

"I signed up for the Durham Inspired Award because it will formally recognise all the extra-curricular activities that I had planned to do. But now that I’m nearing the end of the Award, I’ve realised that the reflection component is arguably even more valuable than the actual work that I did. 

I’d say that I’m quite involved in college, mainly because I’ve been the JCR Treasurer for 2 years now, which I’ve enjoyed every second of. However, I did find some parts of the job more challenging than others – which is where the Award came in handy. I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and reflected upon these moments afterwards, where I identified useful skills that I already have, and ones that I should develop.

The coaching sessions have been particularly helpful for me to get an outsider’s point-of-view on how I’ve grown through the Award. My coach encouraged me to use my strengths towork on my weaknesses – something that I wouldn’t have done otherwise – which helped accelerate my growth. The Award really provides more than just that extra line on your degree certificate!"

Durham Inspired Award Student in a lab smiling whilst using the scientific equipment

Charles Lawrence, Ancient History student

"I’m a zealous advocate for the Durham Inspired Award! For me, and I’m sure this applies to you as well, it made sense to sign up for the Durham Inspired Award, as it provided additional recognition of my contribution to my university community. Don’t get me wrong, getting involved with the University is very rewarding in itself, but the Durham Inspired Award gives you something extra!

However, I quickly found the Award was itself a worthy endeavour. The argument clinic, which provides an engaging and entertaining crash-course on improving your argumentation skills, was particularly useful and will continue to be so throughout my life, particularly in a professional capacity. The coach was also greatly beneficial, providing an opportunity to assess my strengths and learned behaviours, and providing guidance that has helped me develop as a person.

Whatever course you’re doing, and whatever plans you have, the things you learn and the skills you develop during the Durham Inspired Award will be invaluable. Plus, that extra recognition for contributing to your community doesn’t hurt either!"