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Information on the art exhibition: times, place etc.

Ustinov College presents 'A Light In A Window', an art exhibition on display from Wednesday 28 June to Friday 21 July 2023 (across the Seminar and Community Rooms).

On Tuesday 27 June, we hosted the opening night of 'A Light In A Window'. We had a great turnout for the opening night of this exhibition, which showcases Wendy Lowrey's life's work.

The art exhibition is now open to visitors until 21 July between 11:00-16:00 (Monday- Friday) across our Seminar and Community Rooms, at Sheraton Park. We'd love to have you stop by to see this amazing exhibition.

Wendy Lowrey's sketches will be available for purchase, with some of the proceeds going towards the wider student experience at Ustinov College. Thank you to Wendy’s family for showcasing some of her wonderful ceramics, sculptures, sketches and illustrated poetry.


Wendy Elizabeth Lowry (1941 – 2022) was born in Darlington and studied art from 1960 – 1963 at what is now the Chelsea College of Art and Design where she was taught by Anne Rees-Mogg. Wendy Lowrey lived in Redcar from 1973 -2022 where she kept an art studio signified by ‘a light in a window’ that became a local landmark.

The exhibition reveals for only the second time the broad and rich range of her work extending across ceramics, sculpture, painting, sketching and illustrated poetry. Especially captivating are the artist’s sketches of daily life in the town of Redcar and its surroundings with these displaying her unique ability to capture the moment of a happening with in many cases a humorous comment attached.

The 200 or so sketches on display are just a few from the 46 sketchbooks that have been discovered so far in her former Redcar residence. 


Sketches of Wendy Lowrey's work

A display of sketches on a wall in the Community Room.

Sketches of Wendy Lowrey's work

A display of Wendy's Artwork.

shelves with sketches and sculpture

Display of different items of Wendy Lowrey's artwork.

Picture of sketch

One of Wendy Lowreys' sketch.

Photo of attendees to the drinks reception

Photo of the opening night of the Art Exhibition.