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Couples and Family Accommodation

One, two, and three-bedroom flats

Dryburn Court, which opened in September 2005, contains one, two, and three-bedroom flats for couples and for families with children. Car parking is available, and there is a small playground for children. Dryburn Court is just over one and a half miles to Elvet Riverside, two miles to the library, and two and a half miles to Howlands Farm. Keenan House flats include:

  • double bed and mattress in each double room
  • single bed and mattress in each single room
  • wardrobes and small set of drawers in each bedroom and 1 fitted desk in one bedroom
  • Two-seater sofa (x1), table and chairs
  • kitchen with electric cooker, washing machine, fridge/freezer, toaster, kettle, microwave, and vacuum cleaner
  • bathroom with shower curtain and toilet brush.

 Available accommodation:

  • 16 one-bedroom flats (Dryburn Court)
  • 46 two-bedroom flats (Dryburn Court)
  • 8 three-bedroom flats (Dryburn Court).

Pre Ordered Bedding Pack

Bedding packs appropriate to your residence are available pre order HERE.

The charges for these are in addition to your residence charge.

Each pack contains sheets, duvet, pillows, duvet cover, pillow cases and towels.

Further details are below:

  • Standard single bedding pack for single en-suite rooms at Brackenbury. Additional charge of £35 / pack,
  • 3/4 double bedding pack (to fit a bed measuring 122cm (W) x 190cm (L) / 4ft (W) x 6ft 3 (L)) for single en-suite rooms at Sheraton Park. Additional charge of £55 / pack,
  • Standard double bedding pack for couple accommodation at Sheraton Park and Keenan House. Additional charge of £70 / pack

Deadline to order bedding packs will be 12 noon on Wednesday 7 September 2022.