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Welcome to Ustinov

A Warm welcome from our College Principal

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Welcome to Ustinov College, Durham University’s sole postgraduate-only College, comprising a community of  scholars representing over 100 nationalities.

Renamed in 2003 in honour of the actor and writer Sir Peter Ustinov, who was Chancellor of Durham University,  Ustinov College was formerly known as the Graduate Society.

Our focus at Ustinov College is to provide a safe, supportive, motivating and enjoyable collegiate environment  that nurtures global citizenship and enables its members to grow intellectually and socially. Globally the College  is recognised as a friendly and welcoming place that openly celebrates the strength arising from diversity, inter-  disciplinarity and collegiality and applauds leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork and excellence.

At Ustinov I trust you will have a truly unique experience as a ‘Ustinovian’ that will lay the basis for a life-long  mutually rewarding relationship with the College, University and the people and communities of the North East  of England.

On behalf of all staff at Ustinov I would like to extend a warm and hearty welcome. We look forward to meeting  you at one of the many events organised as part of the College’s social and academic calendar.

Professor Glenn McGregor (Principal, Ustinov College)

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College Handbooks

You can find the following College handbooks below:

  • Accommodation Guide 2022-23
  • Ustinov College Handbook 2022-23
  • Family Guide 2022-23

Welcome from the GCR President

Hi everyone, my name is Emily and as some of you might know, I am the President of Ustinov College for the 2021/2022 academic year. I chose to do this role so that I could be a part of the Ustinov community and to ensure that the student experience is fulfilling for all. I want the Graduate Common Room (GCR) to promote inclusion and support, representing everyone to the best of our ability. We want to be an accessible port of call for any student with questions or suggestions. So please don’t hesitate to contact us or even to get involved in the community, we welcome any support. This year we have been fortunate enough to gather in groups again, I personally have met some amazing people and am looking forward to meeting more of you.

Whether you are here for one year or considerably more, I can’t stress enough how important getting involved with activities is. Not only is it a way to get to know some wonderful people, but it’s also crucial to have some downtime. Embrace the university experience and I promise you will have no regrets. Besides being a part of (I may be biased when I say this) the best college in the University, you are also living in a small but beautiful city which has a lot to offer. Go on walks, visit the historical sites and venture further. This is a truly stunning part of the country and if you are able, I would wholly recommend taking a few trips to explore. Despite the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, it is still very much part of our day-to-day. The fears of going out are still there, some students have endured isolation periods and travel restrictions may affect those who want to return home. It is highly important that if you are struggling with the ongoing effects of Covid-19 that you reach out, please contact GCR members via our website or social media platforms if you need some support. Our objective at the GCR is to help you make the most of your time in Durham both for those who live in and out of college. For those who are unfamiliar with the GCR workings, we are a student committee voted in by fellow Ustinovians, who volunteer their time to make things happen. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve and become more efficient, a big push of ours now is to increase our presence on social media on a variety of platforms. In addition to the benefits already gained from GCR membership we are also finding ways to give you the most out of your membership, such as cheaper or early bird access to formal tickets. If you would like to purchase a membership all information can be found on our website ( If you are interested in getting involved in the committee look out for upcoming elections throughout the year, more info regarding available positions can be found on the website. As a final note, I am incredibly proud to be a part of the only postgraduate college in Durham, with its rich diversity and remarkable talent.

Emily Watson Ustinov GCR President 2021/2022

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